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Whoashitman. I moved and yeah, it took much longer then I thought it would to get sorted + intarweb access.. :O Anyway, I've decided to leave this place (although, it looks as if I was gonna get booted soon anyway because of my inactivity). It just doesn't appeal to me anymore, peace out kids. X

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    STUFF 01) Name: Stephi-Ann 02) Age: Seventeen 03) Location: Harlow, Essex, UK 04) Sexuality: Bisexual 05) Do you have a myspace? Link…

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    Eh, here's some pictures: Listening to Wonderboy. If you like Tenacious D, I like you. I did Alex's hair in geometry :] I love him.

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    THIS COMMUNITY HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN if you want to stay a part of it, move on over to me & dave's new community phosphoricsex.

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