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Stamped//Farewell Post

Well... it is a sad sad day.
I am leaving all my rating communities.
I am moving to Germany on Sunday,
and for many reasons, I don't think
I will be able to stay active.
It is especially sad because
this is my favorite community.
But I will leave you with

Last weekend me and three of my friends went to NYC for the day
Image hosted by
Ground Zero
Image hosted by
Washington Square Park
Image hosted by
My two friends.. they're so cute!

Today, I went to see a Yankees game with three of my other friends
Image hosted by
The sunset was beautiful this morning, and just though everyone would like to see it :)
Image hosted by
Inside Yankee Stadium
Image hosted by
Derek Jeter!
Image hosted by
We were re-enacting being really excited
Image hosted by

And now for some random pictures to remember me by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

feel free to add my other LJ, which I actually update
and my


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