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01) Name: Kimberly Sue Corrigan (Kim)
02) Age: 18
03) Location: westlake, oh
04) Sexuality: straight
05) How tall are you?: 5'4
06) What are your natural hair and eye colors?: green eyes.. redish blonde hair
07) If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?: actually go to college... buy my dad a house. give some money to my grandma. and i would like donate to something or other but one million dollars might be gone by the time i help out my dad and brother. travel. that would be pretty cool.

08) What are your phobias?: i am scared of a lot of stuff spiders, my dad, car accidents... im really paranoid about leaving my stuff in peoples cars when i go places because i think theyre always going to get robbed. for some reasons a lot of my friends cars get broken into. ive been known to startle very very easily... its lame, but what can you do.

09) Abortions: i believe that people should have a choice. but i also think its sad. i don't like killing of any kind. and it also depends on the situation. like rape or maybe if the person is really young but i guess i would call myself pro choice.

10) Homosexuality: im down with homosexuality all the way. and even though a lot of people think that being bi is a load of crap i think thats pretty cool. theyre not putting bounderies on who they can fall in love with i respect that.

(654321 FAVORITES)
11) 6 Movies: hackers, gullivers travels, road trip, gone with the wind, good fellas, pulp fiction, snatch, lock stock and two smoking barrels, boondock saints, i guess white oleander is ok but they skipped really good parts that were in the book, the book is excellent.( is it ok that i put more then six. im sorry)
12) 5 Bands: queen, the faint, say anything, refused, frank sinatra
13) 4 TV Shows: dharma and greg, drew carey, conan obrian, full house( i dont have cable)
14) 3 Words: spill, scream, gone
15) 2 People [Include pictures]:


16) 1 Place: the bathroom (description of my bathroom. very small... very tiny. off white walls, cream maybe. a tooth brush holder that holds 4 tooth brushes, in different colors, that are all mine. tissues on the back part of the toilet, the box has a nice water color painting on it. there is a pink towel hanging on the towel rack that is mounted on the wall, that is also mine. the shower is a walk in shower, no bathtub, with sliding doors.)

17) All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was: a gangster
18) If you were told today that you had only a month to live, what would be all the things you would do or say before you died?: i would go places anywhere that i could you know even if youre dying it still cost money to go places. try to find my mom. thank my grandma for everything. cry... a lot. sex it up. ride a horse because i have never done that. spend time with around.i would definitely make a lot of apologies to people that i was mean to. and probably a lot of other things. i would spend a lot of time with my brother.

19) How'd you find out about thesex?: my friend amber
20) What do you think about thesex mods ( ________8254726 KRISTIN / guccixsuit CHRIS / bacardiblu MARK)?: i bet theyre nice people i dont really know them.
21) Promote to 2 communities, or to 4 people & link them here:

22) Picture of favorite possession: Image hosted by
23) Who is your role model:
steve is one of the smartest people i know
Image hosted by
24) Show us 4 or more clear pictures of your face:
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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Image hosted by

25) 100x100 picture of your face for the accepted page:

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