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01) Name: Kelly
02) Age: 15
03) Location: Daytona Beach, Florida!
04) Sexuality: straight
05) How tall are you?: 5'4"
06) What are your natural hair and eye colors?: I have brown hair with natural blonde highlights and my eyes are a light blue but sometimes tend to fade
07) If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?: I would first, pay off my parents' debt and then move my friends and I to Hawaii so I could compete in Pipeline Masters :) ((i love to surf)). Then i would probably treat my friends to a shopping spree!
08) What are your phobias?: My biggest fear is being alone. I hate it. And then next in the lineup come spiders and crabs ((the animal)). They just scare me.

09) Eating disorders: I think eating disorders are horrible and sad because its not the persons fault.
10) Abortions: I am completely against abortion. If the person had sex, they should know the consequences and risks. I think its very unlawful to kill a child even though they are unborn, but still, they are alive. If someone is raped I dont think abortion should be an alternative... I think they should have the child, but it should be their decision whether to keep it or not.
11) Homosexuality: I have nothing against homosexuality. If being with the same sex makes you happy, then so be it. I mean, its not hurting anyone is it?

(654321 FAVORITES)
12) 6 Movies: Blue Crush, Point Break, The Notebook, Pearl Harbor, Hide and Seek, Schindlers List
13) 5 Bands: The Donavon Frankenreiter Band, Hawthorne Heights, Daphne Loves Derby, Bob Marley and the Wailers, From First To Last
14) 4 TV Shows: The OC, 24, American Idol, Video IQ
15) 3 Words: woah, epiphany, lovely
16) 2 People [Include pictures]:

my friend Reid

Nicole on one of the dress up days for homecoming!
17) 1 Place: The beach

18) All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was: a gangsta, bizznatch!
19) If you were told today that you had only a month to live, what would be all the things you would do or say before you died?: I would tell all my friends how much they mean to me, tell Reid that Im still in love with him, tell my dad that i really dont hate him, and get a will written so i could divide my stuff up among everyone.
20) How'd you find out about thesex?: browsing interests for 'rate me'
21) What do you think about thesex mods ( ________8254726 KRISTIN / guccixsuit CHRIS / bacardiblu MARK)?: they are sexxxy to the max!
22) Promote to 2 communities, or to 4 people & link them here:

23) Picture of favorite possession:

my first surfboard ever.. yes it looks guy-ish but thats because it was my brothers first.
24) Who is your role model:

Layne Beachley... she has accomplished all of my surfing dreams and I want to be just like her
25) Show us 4 or more clear pictures of your face:

Before a surf competition.

This is what happens when I get bored :)

silly face!

bad pic.. but whatever.
26) 100x100 picture of your face for the accepted page:

Thanks for your time!!

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