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01) Name: emma
02) Age: 15
03) Location: san francisco
04) Sexuality: straight
05) How tall are you?: 5'3
06) What are your natural hair and eye colors?: hair= red (well orange) eyes= blue
07) If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?:
08) What are your phobias?: it's this really weird thing where like in certain rooms if my feet are on the floor when im sitting down i flip out and it's really bad. so i guess im scared of haveing my feet on the ground while im seated...

09) Eating disorders: i think eating disorders are really sad. it can either be chemical, like you can't help it, or it can be media induced (big word). i know a few people with eating disorders and it really pains me to see them doing that sort of thing to themselves and it all came about because they thought that they didn't fit into regulation MTV skinny or whatever... love yourself!
10) Abortions: i think that abortions are perfectly fine. im most definitely pro-choice! women should be able to do what they would with their own bodies. it's a freedom of choice issue, and if our country can have freedom of speech than there should also be freedom of choice. plus, if abortions became illegal again women might resort to the hanger method which didn't do any good, because sure you got rid of the baby, but a lot of times it would also kill you.
11) Homosexuality: well come on! im from san francisco so i definitely support homosexuals. two of my male teachers are gay and they're totally awesome! i would't have even known it if they hadn't told me. the only differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals is the fact that they like different kinds of people. other than that its just back down to the age old 'we're all humans' which is true. it's also another freedom of choice issue. people shouldn't be censored to who they like.

(654321 FAVORITES)
12) 6 Movies: donnie darko, napoleon dynamite, murder by death, rear window, the virgin suicides, moulin rouge
13) 5 Bands: bright eyes, rilo kiley, cursive, the weakerthans, the shins
14) 4 TV Shows: the simpsons, futurama, family guy, cowboy bee-bop
15) 3 Words: tear, break, drop
16) 2 People [Include pictures]:

this is my favorite picture of two of my best friends! Henry is in the sailor girl outfit and Paul is in pink. this was on gender-bender day at school... so yeah, two people
17) 1 Place: New York City

18) All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was: a gangsta
19) If you were told today that you had only a month to live, what would be all the things you would do or say before you died?: i'd try to get a gig singing somewhere cause i've always wanted to be a singer... not like pop or anything (NO) but like cabaret music... and if that didn't work out i'd go to france and just BE there... i've always wanted to live there, it's the city of love.
20) How'd you find out about thesex?: through someone who im in another community with... yeah
21) What do you think about thesex mods ( ________8254726 KRISTIN / guccixsuit CHRIS / bacardiblu MARK)?: well the mods must be like really flippin cool just because they're the mods for this rockin' community! i don't really know any of them but im bet that they're totally rad people.
22) Promote to 2 communities, or to 4 people & link them here:

23) Picture of favorite possession:

those are my vans!!! i've had them since i was 12 (my feet haven't grown) and they seriously are my most prized possession! they went to my first concert with me, etc. wow... i've done everything in those shoes...
24) Who is your role model:

my role model is most definitely my friend vicky. she's a really great person and she's really nice to everyone and always gives people the benefit of the doubt. just being around her makes you feel great and she never tries to put people down on purpose, so all in all she's my role model because i think that she'll influence me to be a better/nicer person
25) Show us 4 or more clear pictures of your face:

i don't really have a lip ring (sadly) me and my friend went around school that day with fake ones to see what people would do/say and people told me i should get one... so i probably will

26) 100x100 picture of your face for the accepted page:

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