August 16th, 2005



I need a haircut and I am sick of the fauxhawk shitty shit so I want some pictures of cool guys hair dooooos

please ..:) PLEASEE I know you're fucking bored so just find some.for me ..

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I'm having a hard time making a decision...

Should I go to Orlando and stay at a resort with my mom this weekend for her conference, miss school friday and lay by the pool and such or..

Not go with her, attend school friday, party at the beach friday night, beach on saturday and kegger in Ft. Lauderdale that night.

I'm torn..
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Big Pictures

ok there are a few things I would like to start doing in the community but I can't until I get GOOD PICTURES of you guys.

some of you are fucking ugly and it takes a while, I understand. BUT I need pictures.

what you must do :

1. Go to the members page and see if your picture is there (New members and people on this listCollapse ) need to submit a picture)If you aren't there REGARDLESS of whether you have given me your picture already or not, post one.
2. tell me, in a comment if I got your name wrong or if you want it changed
3. Remember that ANYTIME you want to change your picture you can, just let me know. Improvements are always better.