July 30th, 2005




i'm bored. Kristin and I will work on the application later, it should be fun to do and fun to read

opinions suck but they are still important
we should ask them to pick the best looking guy member and girl member
anything you want to keep on the application, comment here and tell us or it probably won't show up
anything you want gone tell us

fucking look at the application, tell us what you want or even just an idea if you can't think of anything specific, it'll take you two seconds, don't be a faggot and just do it.

we need contests

but we will wait for more members.

PROMOTE so we can have some fun

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you guys.

I'm going to shut this down for a day or so. Maybe just tonight, we'll see how long this takes. But I want to completley re-do everything. Dave and I will come up with a new application, new cute things for you guys to do such as; contests, themes, etc. New stamps, I'll make the layout prettier, and we'll have awesome promotional banners. I'll be making a new members page, on a seperate page from the info, that will have larger, 250x200 pictures with user names & real names for new questions reguarding favorite members among other things. There will be new rules, new everything. I'm bored, and a lot of you seem to not be having as much fun in the community so I'll do this for real and all the way this time.

If you would please do me a favor, and each of you post a picture of yourself (not 100x100, a big picture) that clearly shows your face and is not photoshopped to death, along with your first name it would be much appreciated.

I'll do this as quick, but as good as I can. ♥