July 18th, 2005



We need to do something. I feel like this community is flat soda, it's not. ..trust me, I just left a community that su UUUUUUCKed huge dick and we're much better than all of them but we've yet to do something fun. I don't know what we should do ..I tried the king and queen idea but that didn't work so I'll have to think of something else.


I went through everyone's journal on our members page. All 248 of them and there are a lot of ugly ...ugly people.

I want to make them re apply or something. Maybe make everyone re-apply that way it's like ...we only have the best of the best .ya know? Especially all of the older members, they might have gone out of style! It'll also get rid of all the inactive people.

It's a sketchy Idea tell me what you think.

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yes yes. I am one of the crazed hp fans. So...obviously I was in line to get my book at midnight...and OBVIOUSLY I dressed up...I mean seriously..who doesn't...I'm done, btw, if somebody wants to TALK ABOUT IT! OMGITWASSOGOOOD...yeah...

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oh..and I hereby take back the comment which I said I was only annoying because I was in that mood (a while ago) I'm pretty much just always annoying. SORRY KIDS! :o)
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