July 8th, 2005


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I say we nominate a King and Queen of this community eh?

Once every couple of weeks, the hottest girl, and hottest guy, different people each week. Out of the people that the mods pick (i.e. 6 people) everyone votes on who should win. And we'll even have a special place on the members page for them! YAY

this will be the start of our contests...and it'll be fun right? right-o

(the genius idea of _stupendous and yours truly. bitch.

OH BY THE WAY.. if you haven't submitted a member (100x100) photo than we won't be able to pick you, so leave one in a comment if you haven't already douche bags.

Here It Is
1. Mods choose 3 girls and 3 guys
2. Mods post the 100x100 members picture of these people
3. If your member photo is chosen then you need to post at least one, and up to three better pictures of yourself
4. The rest of the members vote on the hottest guy and girl just like they would on an application

Here's the first one, and we'll work out any glitches from there.
King and QueenCollapse )

(by the way I got a haircut today I'll have my SIS take some pictures and I'll post 'em later. I cut it into a mowhawk ..kinda)