January 12th, 2005



I'm dave, but I can't stay here because apparently most of the community hates me
so I'm gone

but thanks for putting up with me for this long

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To Members: When you vote, please keep rude commenting to an acceptable harshness. Ya that sounds weird but there is no need to be a complete dick when you don't have to be especially if you're just PMS-ing or just got dumped (for example). Insessant (sp) uneccessary remarks will result in a warning and after a certain amount of warnings (# has not yet been decided by mods) then you will get banned.

To Applicants: Don't be a C U Next Tuesday when people give you NO's. This means that you don't need to have your LJ Posse go apeshit on our members just because you obviously won't get accepted. Keep your fag hags at bay because they will just get banned and end up looking like idiots. If you can't handle being rejected, then you simply shouldn't join rating communities because there will always be dicks.

To Non-Members: NO COMMENTING W/O BEING ACCEPTED EVER!!! Read the rules! If you want to tell someone how cool they are or whatever, go to they're journal and do it there. Any non-member commentors will get only ONE warning then you will be banned.

Kristin, agree?

and since BLUE hates text-only postsCollapse )