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edit;5:19 PM fixed the Meg picture

all right guys.. I need your opinion.
I wanna cut my hair again. I've been growing it since March-Aprilish.. and it's fried. as much as I want long hair, I'm kinda sick of it, short hair was soooo much easier to deal with.

I'm thinkin either..
like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail

or Rachael Leigh Cook [post haircut] in She's All That

any other ideas for models I can use? anyone who has a face shape similar to mine or a cut that you guys think would suit me?

this is what my hair looks like now:

love you all <3

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    Eh, here's some pictures: Listening to Wonderboy. If you like Tenacious D, I like you. I did Alex's hair in geometry :] I love him.

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    THIS COMMUNITY HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN if you want to stay a part of it, move on over to me & dave's new community phosphoricsex.

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