Whoashitman. I moved and yeah, it took much longer then I thought it would to get sorted + intarweb access.. :O Anyway, I've decided to leave this place (although, it looks as if I was gonna get booted soon anyway because of my inactivity). It just doesn't appeal to me anymore, peace out kids. X

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so Kristin and I made a new community. We did it for a few reasons, we wanted to make it members only, we didn't want it to have a million underscores and we wanted a change, so our new home is
it's not much different but we like it. We got everything all set up before we told you, the layout and the information, but was also added some things like a FAQ that we will add when we feel we should (or when you suggest something) and a bunch of stuff, anyways the most important thing:

add yourself to the communtity, and you will be all set, no re-applying or anything, once you've joined, we will make sure that your member photo gets added. Fun stuff, I know.

We are going to be adding a few little things just to touch up but most of it's done, there's going to be more participation etc.. so check out the community and the info, and all the links and see how you like it.