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newbie me.

[x]Name- Elizabeth (Liz) Hipple
[x]-Age 21
[x]-Location Bangor, PA
1. What grade are you in/What School do you go to? (i.e. Eighth/Dake Junior High School) I graduated in 2002
2. What are your favourite classes? (i.e. Art, English, Social Studies) They were art and english
1. What do you do for fun/in your spare time? (i.e. Take Pictures)Read, take pictures, plant flowers, get piercings, listen to music, go to concerts
1. a. Do you know what sign you are? If so, what are you? (i.e. Yes, I am a Capricourn) Pisces
1. b. Do you believe that this sign fits you? (i.e. No)i sure do
1. c. If not, which sign do you think you should be? (i.e. Aquarius)i think pisces is fine
2. a. Do you know what element (fire, water, earth, air) corresponds with your sign? If so, what are you? (i.e. Earth)I am a water sign
2. b. Do you believe that this sign fits you? (i.e. No)yuppers
2. c. If not, which element do you think you should be? (i.e. Air with Water)water is good
The Future
1. Where do you see yourself in ten years? I would like to see myself happy and in a profession i enjoy, be it photography or massage therapy
2. What type of career do you want? photography, massage therapy, or something in the music industry
1. What is (are) your favourite type(s) of music? (i.e. Indie, Emo, Acoustic)Acoustic, bluegrass, jam band, reggae, folk, fusion, blues, some jazz
2. Who is (are) your favourite band(s)? (i.e. Dashboard Confessional, Hawthourne Heights)Keller Williams, Phish, Grateful Dead, Yonder Mountain String Band, Victor Wooten Band, Mike Gordon, Kaki King, Michael Hedges, The Disco Biscuits, Xavier Rudd, Ani Difranco, Steve Kimock Band, O.A.R, Olospo, Fiona Apple, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Umphrey's McGee
3. What is (are) your favourite song(s)? (i.e. Am I Missing?, Ohio is for Lovers) I have so many. "So Many Roads", "Fuel For the Road", "Above The Thunder", "Celebrate Your Youth", "Harry Hood", "Home Again", "Yens and Euros", "We Don't Stop", "Paradigm", "Playing with Pink Noise", "Tounge N' Groove", "Bouncer", "Thing One", "5 Before Funk"
4. What is (are) your favourite instrument(s)? (i.e. Piano, Acoustic Guitar)Bass, Acoustic Guitar, djembe, didgeridoo, acoustic bass, boomwhackers, lap steel, electric guitar
1. What is (are) you favorite type(s) of literature? (i.e. Novels, Poetry) autobiographies, poetry, fiction
2. Who is (are) your favourite writer(s)/authour(s)/poet(s)/ect.? (i.e. Lemony Snicket, Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare)John Grisham, Janet Finch....
3. What is (are) your favourite book(s)/poem(s)/ect. (The Wide Window, Romeo and Juilet, I am Nobody-Who Are You?) The Diary of Anne Frank, White Oleander, Kiss The Girls, The Rainmaker, The Last Juror, Of Mice and Men
The Darkroom
1. Why are you joining 'The Darkroom?' b/c i absolutely love photography...especially black and white
2. Where did you hear of it? (i.e. I found it from searching Interests) i found it searching
3. What do you think you will be posting most? (i.e. Photographes, Poems) probably my photographs. i'm really new at this so dont judge too hard.
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