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Here's my application..(sorry it took me so long to actually start posting here lol)

[x]Location-Tampa, Florida
1. What grade are you in/What School do you go to? 8th grade, Davidsen Middle
2. What are your favourite classes? Art, Algebra, Science
1. What do you do for fun/in your spare time? Read about spiritual and mind afflications
1. a. Do you know what sign you are? If so, what are you? Capicorn
1. b. Do you believe that this sign fits you? I suppose. The capicorn is the constellation located in the equatiornal region of the southern hemisphere; I live in Florida so I believe that capicorn somewhat fits me but I was not born in Florida, I was born in New York. Everything does happen for a reason though so it causes me to believe this possibly is a good sign..
1. c. If not, which sign do you think you should be?
2. a. Do you know what element (fire, water, earth, air) corresponds with your sign? If so, what are you? Yes, earth.
2. b. Do you believe that this sign fits you? Yes, in a way..
2. c. If not, which element do you think you should be?
The Future
1. Where do you see yourself in ten years? College
2. What type of career do you want? Either running my own company in Rochester, NY or a psychologist.
1. What is (are) your favourite type(s) of music? Punk rock, metal, emo, old school rap and rock.
2. Who is (are) your favourite band(s)? Rancid, Alkaline Trio, Guns n' Roses, Iron Maiden, The Ramones, Beastie Boys.
3. What is (are) your favourite song(s)? Number of the beast (iron maiden), We're a happy family (the ramones),journey to the end of the east bay (rancid), blue carolina (alkaline trio), trouble breathing (alkaline trio), ch-check it out (beastie boys).
4. What is (are) your favourite instrument(s)? Bass guitar
1. What is (are) you favorite type(s) of literature? spiritual/mind/thinking/poetry
2. Who is (are) your favourite writer(s)/authour(s)/poet(s)/ect.? Hannah Hurnard
3. What is (are) your favourite book(s)/poem(s)/ect. Hinds feet on High places, Mountains of Spices, Why Zebra's don't get olcers.
The Darkroom
1. Why are you joining 'The Darkroom?' Because when I think of the words 'the darkroom' it reminds me of a place to think and a place to elaborate your mind.
2. Where did you hear of it? Yoursalwaysxxx
3. What do you think you will be posting most? Probably information to think about, intelligent information, etc.
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