January 17th, 2006


(no subject)

[x]Name- Ash
[x]-Age 17
[x]-Location New Jersey

1. What grade are you in/What School do you go to? Junior MSHS
2. What are your favourite classes? Mass Media, French, English

1. What do you do for fun/in your spare time? ballet, driving, taking pictures, painting, kniting...

1. a. Do you know what sign you are? If so, what are you? Scorpio
1. b. Do you believe that this sign fits you? Yes, scorpios are know for their mystery and sexiness, which both fit me pretty well.
2. c. If not, which element do you think you should be? water. it amazes me.

The Future
1. Where do you see yourself in ten years? married working at a magazine living in nyc or london.
2. What type of career do you want? journalist, writer, television anchor.

1. What is (are) your favourite type(s) of music? i love rock and indie. right now im into the postal service and frou frou.
2. Who is (are) your favourite band(s)? deftones, incubus, frou frou, death cab for cutie, postal service...
3. What is (are) your favourite song(s)? incubus - wish you were here deftones - minerva
4. What is (are) your favourite instrument(s)? aucoustic guitar. piano.

1. What is (are) you favorite type(s) of literature? novels, short stories, philosphy.
2. Who is (are) your favourite writer(s)/authour(s)/poet(s)/ect.? Jane Austen, Francesca Lia Block, Scott Westerfeld, Pablo Neruda, Candance Bushnell...
3. What is (are) your favourite book(s)/poem(s)/ect. Right now im ready pretties by scott westerfeld. i highly suggest it to everyone. i love most of flb's books, emma, normal girl, bonjour tristesse, the big empty. i love so many books.

The Darkroom
1. Why are you joining 'The Darkroom?' the name sounded cool.
2. Where did you hear of it? i honestly dont know. ;)
3. What do you think you will be posting most? photos, poems, maybe some essays, paintings.