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&! Welcome
Starry Icons is a place where only we, the mods and co-mods, post icons for our members to use. We may make acceptions occasionally for certain themes or contests, but on a usual day-to-day basis it's us doing the posts.
We hope you enjoy. As long as rules are followed, you're pretty much good to go.

&! Teasers

&! Your Mods
_____so_blind Ashley
youareafxcktard Haley

&! Co-Mods
None yet.

&! Rules
1. Join freely--everyone is accepted until rules are broken.
2. Comment on the posts you find the icon(s) at & give credit to the community for all icons used.
3. Do not edit or steal. These are for your personal use only!
4. Now indulge yourself.

&! Requests
You can send requests in two different ways:
1. Email us at starryicons@yahoo.com. You can do this at any time, but there is no guarantee we'll make your icon soon--or ever for that matter.
2. Comment with your request on certain "Taking Request" posts we make. Your icon will be made--we can guarantee you that--but we only make these posts when we feel like it.
If you're having a hard time describing your icon, you can fill out the form below.

&! Request Form
Filling this in is optional, but the more we know, the better the icon will be.

&! Big Promo Banners
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&! Smaller Userinfo Icons
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