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People like you make the world
A physically distorted place,
And I refuse to apologize
For not keeping up with that pace.
A perpetual work in progress,
I'm beautiful none the less.

Don't preach to me about
Writing things differently in your books
Cuz it all looks like scribbling to me,
Your mirrors don't reflect how my soul looks.

It's not just a physical experience
But a congnitive, emotional,
And spiritual one too.
When climbing your tower of ideals,
Don't get knocked over
By your own point of view.

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Always A Bridesmaid

The bridal shop mocks me
With the glare of light in the window
Highlighting a pristine
Pure-white lace ideal,
I can't get a grip on.
Gaze averted,
I quickly walk past.

The lemon slice of reality
In my mouth is
Currently flooding my senses.
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eating too much before dinner
never seemed so serious
so we took advantage of the opportunity

a vile of cocaine in your nose
never seemed like a bad idea
until your heart gives up
on you
and your stupid decisions

there's a difference
between teenager rebellion
and what

you never thought
you could get into that much trouble
so you take the slap on the hand
but next time
it could be
a different story

the difference is
the innocence lost
is always
and you never think twice
that exact moment
you wish
that you could
take it all back
that moment you would die
one more slap on the hand

but now.
it's different, isn't it?