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civil unrest.. written on the day of the cronulla riots

Feeling militant, hyper vigilant from the increasing incidents
Or belligerence or intolerance from the precedent
And total ignorance from the government
My tendency to give in freak out and get mega bent

The feeling is prevalent the facts are evident
Anxiety hits me makes me freeze hyperventilate
Hybrid cultures assimilated with volcanic eruptions of discontent
Excuse me if I dissent cos I’m a malcontent with passion to vent

You thought it was ideal, but the melting pot bubbled over
Civil unrest in a state of paranoia
George Orwell thought it all out before
We’ve got race riots knocking at the door

Civil unrest in a state of paranoia
This is a thing that I’ve said previous
That the systems not working and results grievous
I felt alarmed and alert and it’s getting tedious
Do you believe in this or take heed in this
Induce states of denial and inebriated bliss

Felt the cultural cringe, grown up in the lunatic fringe
Never been exposed to much of Jesus nor Allah
Choosing not to partake in brainwashing dogma
I cursed every religion as a bitter pill to swallow
I’ve got my own instincts to follow, think Buddha was a happy fellow
Keep getting told to relax and I do want to be mellow
But the news is shaking my spine trembling my insides
Gives me the urge to run to the hills and hide

Civil unrest in a state of paranoia, civil unrest in a state of paranoia
Like watching the local news when you know it’s going to floor ya
Don’t want to preach or rant on or bore ya
But the shits hitting the fan and it’s gonna fucken destroy ya
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