The Irish 007 (irish_007) wrote in ____slam,
The Irish 007

23, Central Coast of California, New to all this....

Now it's bigger, better, stronger, longer
Sings the song it's wrong to ponder
Why we plunder run asunder
Through the world we rape and blunder
As our children die of hunger not a tear we cry
I wonder why we merely sigh in the name of 'progress' people die,
Well I question this and sieze the lie
That says it's wrong and thus defy the musty way they codify us
Pasturize and pacify us
Must we die just trusting lies, NO!
Rise up,
Distrust those distant flies who raise and breed mistrust inside us as they Slowly rape and blind us!
Because I refuse to give up and I refuse to lay down,
Believing the human spirit is less than profound
We're bound to realize the sea of lies that we've been given and
It'll cause us all to pause and reasses the way we're livin.
Now the raven brazen flies the skies
The flys arise his blazing eyes reflect
A vision mass conditioned,
The history we're given rife with carefully planned revisions,
Will it tell you how the West was won
Mass Genocide and now theirs none
To claim the land God gave To Us?
And justice has prevailed we trust?
Well ask I must we choose between unjust or just less obvious,
Oblivious, mischevious, deceiving us,
Receiving mass appeal because it quells
The doubt and fear appears our eyes devise a clever guise
And now we're trapped in watching out,
You shout I told you so but you sold your soul for a shallow show
And in the end who knows you might be right and
He might beam you up one night
Then we'd be free of your hypocricy
Your force fed false theology and peace would reign
In those that remained superbly diturbed by material gain without compassion. As you wear the latest fashion try and see through the distraction
Stand up and be impassioned!
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