Saintphredd (ex_saintphre706) wrote in ____slam,

motivation of cessation drives my imagination
inflamation of my mind
been feeling so sublime
no more rewind to another time
look ahead to find no signs
destiny is a proven fallacy
a divided me has subsided see
a reminded me repressed memories
hungry for stability, comfortability
lost in a sea of doubt
i smoke to ease an anxious me
and wait for a sign of changing times
still in denial of symbols showing
still not expressing feelings knowing
what i must do is forget
do i regret? not let my mind move on?
am i upset? not let my feelings show strong.
hesitate, proctrastinate
make sure im delaying fate
i'll tell you someday but i just can't wait.
i am all i have in life,
family is next followed by strife.
something better is waiting for us
with disguest and divided trust
look to god and realize he's rust
watered down prayers over thousands of years
millions of fears answered only by tears.
... to be continued
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