A Good Phrase In An Odd Place (diabola) wrote in ____slam,
A Good Phrase In An Odd Place

The Creation

Capture and create it.
Find that rhythm shard,
Use it to chisel
A brand new canvas.
The sweat from the labour
Will be the finishing touch
On a masterpiece carved from inside.

Dance with the words,
Feel their odd
And unique gait.
Twirl and dip
Their meter and rhyme,
Romancing your words
Into succulent surrender.

Pluck sparkling words from the sky above.
People's eyes shine realizing,
As we hear each other
And cluster together like a constellation,
That we are all connected.

That sweet and sour
Honey dipped voice
Pouring out onto the stage
Dripping over the audience,
Sends out a gracious invitation
To sip on the auditory delicacy.
Now they crave more,
Ravenous in their endless starvation
For the written word.
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