Anna C (fivefootwonder) wrote in ____slam,
Anna C

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I'm new here's a lil piece to get me started. Let me know what you think, if you feel like it.

the planets' alignment is off.
their skewed orbits
lending a shaky step to my toes
and tires.
my hands tremble from the
steering wheel's coy vibrations,
till I'm dancing
to churning radio waves
that break on my face like
an angry lover's palms
desperate to say
"shut the fuck up, stupid bitch"

acid trip taillight trails
show me where to go,
and when to stop
asking questions.
I lost my way, way back.
I've got my world in a backpack.
I'm stepping over sidewalk cracks,
to avoid backbreaking failure.

my proverbial life's highway
is just a fat, black line
in Florida.
where palmtrees and powerlines lead
me to long-distance loves
who don't understand what I need
just yet.
but hell, neither do I.
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