Saintphredd (ex_saintphre706) wrote in ____slam,

no intro, just flow...

I'm thinking of things I could have said or done
to resolve what begun as innocent to some.
But this pain is not innocent, its depressing;
worrying about what she's doing and who is wooing... her,
my love. MY LOVE.
And its at this point i begin to regret,
my eyes won't close, her toes stick out from the bed, this girl, who's gotten inside my head.
I explain to her the wall which surrounds my soul
in which pieces she's knocked down and stole, then tries to console, it gets worse.
"The time is not right," "This is best for both of us"
Fuck these cliche lines like posted up signs trying to tell me.... that we.. aren't meant to be.
And i ask if we can get back together.
Like she's the glue and our relationship is the two pieces of glass that i dropped when i stopped trusting.
And she answers. No.
"this is best for both of us"
This pain inside my stomach, my chest, and my mind is for the best?
Not hard to contest,
but im quiet.
She needs time to think, to realize that what im offering her is pure,
and that struggles are made to endure.
Thinking of things I could have said or done,
or read or sung, or undone or even learned from.
My pain is numb.
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