A Good Phrase In An Odd Place (diabola) wrote in ____slam,
A Good Phrase In An Odd Place

Generic Mall Kiosk Worker

Dear Clod,

I put on my best face,
Inwardly jeering as you take the bait.
It's a cold hard world out there,
And the weather forcast

Tilt my head,
Avert my gaze.
I see history repeat
In another consumer
Walking by me in a haze.
Saliva is foaming at the corners of his mouth
And of course child tugging at his pant leg
"Daddy can I have that puh-lease?"
Another generation of
Consumer-holic, shopping-addicted,
Detactched from what is really important
Because he just wants Nikes...

And the verdict is GUILTY
Of being a slave
To the almighty buck.
But who could possibly resist
For a limited time only
Don't pay for one full year?
Yes folks, fulfill your
Unending spending needs here,
Gorge the eternal hunger.
Your lives are empty,
Unless your wallets are open.
Let the size of the hypnotic neon sign
Determine your spending needs.
You know you want to.

Your punishment is a life sentence
Of living next to your neighbours,
Who really do have it all.
You greedy bastard.
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