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is anyone alive in here??? :)

i am 6 feet, 24yrs old, and 150 lbs. used to be 200 lbs (yikes, i know).

stay strong everyone, and add me if anyone wants-- i am getting back into to LJ thing and need more/new friends... especially tall ones!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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Wow well im sixfoot obviously ..

And HEY! *Waves*

HW: 192 (Sad isnt it :( )
GW:140 (For now)


Been Bulimic for 2 years now, and ive just started to put weight back so im pricking it! lol Hense why im here ..


THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! a community for all the tall girls out there. i LOVE it.

well GUESS WHAT?! i'm 6ft...surprise surprise

height: 6ft
HW: 167
CW: 141
GW: 110

yeah so...YAY


Hi! I'm new here. 5'10", 215 lbs and ready to get this weight off!!! Looking for some support and friends to help out. I'm a binge eater and its gotten worse latelym. Was down to 160 at one time. Goal is around 140 which I don't think is too low for me.... Anyway just wanted to intro myself!
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Hey I'm new. I hope some people are still around here.

I'm 6' 3" (pushing 6' 4")

My stats?
HW: 147
LW: 125
CW: 140
GW1: 130
GW2: 125
BMI: 17.7 (yuck)

I need to lose some leg and waist fat. I have a modeling gig in a month and am doing alternating restricting, heavy restricting and fasting until then.

Feel free to friend me! I'm always looking for people to reach goals w/
energy, photo

Sat 17/02-Weight

When I weighed myself this morning the number that showed on the scale was 11 stone 7lbs or 161lbs. I am hoping two pounds of that is 'pre-period fatness' that will drop off soon. If it is not, then my unhealthy eating of late has had more effect than I previously realised. Either way I want that number to go DOWN.

6ft 2", BMI 20.7

That ^ is me trying to keep some perspective to remind myself I am by no means oveweight even if I feel "big".