mark (theskycorvair) wrote in ____sexxxxxxxxx,

//1. markus 17 sydney
//2. terror, i killed the prom queen, joy division, everytime i die, throwdown
//3. straight
//4. ah yi yi theres so many, i like old horror movies from the 1900s' onwards
- orlacs hande
- ouanga
- an over incubated baby
- the old dark house
- nd a yobbo movie called "the castle"
//5. hobbies/interests
- playing guitar
- tattoos
- sex everynow nd then
- gameboy
- the drive in
//6. why are you sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?
cause i have a bootie piercing
//7. who sent your ass?
i found it
//8. promote and put the link where you promoted here
its like 2 am nd im tired eh . . you guys should make a image that promote ur community reject me for it bah
//9. post at least 2 clear pictures?

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