Lara Eve Capony (ja_ka_da) wrote in ____sexandcandy,
Lara Eve Capony


1. name?:Lara Eve Capony..Sike!...that is my famous lady alias...Lesley Elizabeth is the name.
2. age?:20...although I am told I don't act it which is cool to me.
3. location?:Hell Paso::cough:: El paso, but I wish I was in Syracuse, New York

4. what do you like to do?:I love to Paint, oil, acrylic, spray paint, any kind really. I also love figure drawing and modeling for figure drawing.
5. list a maximum of 5 favorite musical artists?:
Christina Aguillara(I know kick my ass)
Whey Kleff Jean**Y-yikes**
6. list a maximum of 5 favorite movies?:
What Dreams May Come
The brave lil' toaster
Eternal Sunshine...etc..etc
7. favorite tv show?:
That 70's Show
8. do you play any sports? if so.. which ones?:Nah I am one of the goofiest clumsiest
bastards in the world
9. have a signifigant other? if so.. post a picture of them if you have 1?:No thank the lord
10. explain your livejournal user picture?:It's me ....kinda borin'
11. what about your user name?:Jakada is a really good iced coffee...and I am coffee freak


12. favorite type of music?:Every single kind...except is everything
13. do you have siblings?:yes 5 sisters and 2 brothers all with the same parents
14. pets?:no I live in a barrecks


15. please promote in a community or user that is NOT a promotion community (will check) use a promotion picture listed below: Wierdisgood, Frickin_Spiffy, Just_before_dawn
16. will you be active and post/promote?:but of coarse


17. please list 4 things you love and why you love them?:
-My Mom becouse she is senial, but in a really funny way. She is a cute little 64 year old.
-My Job-I work in a military phsyciatric inpatient ward. It is the best job in the world.
I love helping people.
-The human form-It is the most beautiful thing nature ever created.Period.
-I <3 NY. 'Cause it is my home.
18. please list 4 things you hate, and why you hate them?:
-Ignorent, Arogent, liars that are affraid to open thier mind to new things. Self Explanitory.
-Fast Foood, 'cause my face feels greasy after I eat it, and it makes my belly hurt.
It also makes me poop in like 2 seconds. Wow TMI!!
-Wearing clothes to sleep, becouse I roll all around and get twisted up in them.
-I hate the fact that there really isn't any end to the war we are in, and, although it sounds nice, there isn't really any way to defeat terrorism. I hate that the war is taking mom's, dad's, sister's brother's, husbands, wife's....etc, away from this country. I hate that I can only take the place of one of those loved ones from getting deployed.

19. PICTURES Post 3-10 pictures of youself and your 150x150 for the member page

That is moi on the right

Me on the right....again

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