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time to rate

BASICS 1. name?: lauren marie
2. age?: 17
3. location?: dirty jerzey! (atco <3)
4. what do you like to do?: bowl, drive my car (2001 hyundai tiburon), sing, dance, hang with my boyfriend, hang with friends
5. list a maximum of 5 favorite musical artists?: Finch,Billy Joel, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Hilary duff. I really like everything so i tried to give u a diverse 5
6. list a maximum of 5 favorite movies?: Coyote Ugly, Meet The Parents, LOTR123, Lizzie Mcguire Movie, Breakfast Club
7. favorite tv show?: Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Will & Grace, General Hospital
8. do you play any sports? if so.. which ones?: I bowl --yes..its a sport!!
9. have a signifigant other? if so.. post a picture of them if you have 1?: Yes i do! We've been together since April 26 but were best friends for 7 months before hand. I have a pic of us together. it's from a few months ago tho
10. explain your livejournal user picture?: I don't have one :-X well i have two that i cycle between but i hardly ever use them :o)
11. what about your user name?: bl0ndette. Im blonde but i didnt want blondie as another s/n so i used bl0ndette, not sure haha i thot it was cute! </p>

12. favorite type of music?: Rock & Roll, Oldies, Punk, Country, Pop, Rap, R&B, everything :o)
13. do you have siblings?: Nope only child. but im not spoiled!
14. pets?: 2 cats. Bear & Todd

15. please promote in a community or user that is NOT a promotion community (will check) use a promotion picture listed below:
16. will you be active and post/promote?: of course! :-D

17. please list 4 things you love and why you love them?: can cheer me up when im down and when you have certain situations tehre are songs you can relate to and it just makes it seem like someone else knows how you feel
--Bowling..its fun and i met a lot of my friends that way. including my boyfriend who is also my best friend.
--Poetry..its what i use to express myself and it just makes me happy to be able to make something beautiful like that
--Graphic & Web design..ooh man who knows why i love this stuff but i do and it will be my major in college next year!
18. please list 4 things you hate, and why you hate them?:
--When my dad does the laundry and shrinks my clothes! HE CONSTANTLY RUINS MY FAV CLOTHES!
--When you paint ur nails a hideous color and then realize ur out of nail polish
--when im sleeping and my mom decides to wake me up by turning all of the lights in the house on makes me sick

19. PICTURES Post 3-10 pictures of youself and your 150x150 for the member page

Member Page Pic

♥ thx

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