Luke (b1ackdove) wrote in ____sexandcandy,

time to rate

1. name?: Luke
2. age?: 17
3. location?: Northern New York

4. what do you like to do?: skateboard
5. list a maximum of 5 favorite musical artists?: Rise Against, The Used, Greenday, Bad Religion, Rancid
6. list a maximum of 5 favorite movies?: donnie darko, pirates of the carribean, the secret window, I dunno...
7. favorite tv show?: dont watch much tv
8. do you play any sports? if so.. which ones?: I dont anymore, but I used to play lacrosse
9. have a signifigant other? if so.. post a picture of them if you have 1?: Nope
10. explain your livejournal user picture?: Its me
11. what about your user name?: Its from someones poem, called blackdove


12. favorite type of music?: emo, punk, you know...
13. do you have siblings?: yeah, one brother and one sister
14. pets?: a cat named narcolepsy, narco for short


15. please promote in a community or user that is NOT a promotion community (will check) use a promotion picture listed below:
ps. your pictures didnt work.
16. will you be active and post/promote?: Of course


17. please list 4 things you love and why you love them?: My friends, cuz they are the coolest people you'll meet, Skateboarding because it takes your mind off of whatever youre thinking about, Listening to music, for the same reason as skating, Sleep because its so great
18. please list 4 things you hate, and why you hate them?: Drama, no one likes drama, I dont really hate anything tho... so thats all

19. PICTURESPost 3-10 pictures of youself and your 150x150 for the member page

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