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And It Falls To Earth In Splinters...

Time To Rate!


1. name?: Tara.. (Tar-uh) not Terra.. thanx :o)
2. age?:17
3. location?: upstate Ny! YES! HICKVILLE!! haha AKA Dexter.. now does that sound like a fun town to u?
4. what do you like to do?:  for fun? ummm i like to cuddle up on couches and watch movies, go to the mall becasue me and my friends ARE the mall rats, go to shows, go on road trips to unknown places..just get in the car and go, going on little adventures with all my friends.
5. list a maximum of 5 favorite musical artists?: The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, River City Rebels, Rancid
6. list a maximum of 5 favorite movies?: Rocky Horror Picture Show!, Peter Pan(the original), The Goonies (not because its the cool thing but because i grew up on that movie), The Breakfast Club, Lost and Delerious
7. favorite tv show?: im gonna have to go with Spongebob on that one... yes call me a nerd but no matter wat.. Patrick can always make me laugh.
8. do you play any sports? if so.. which ones?:  umm i used to play basketball since 4th grade... but my coaches slowly made me lose my love for it... they ruined the fun in it for me.. which is y i quit last year... asshole coach
9. have a signifigant other? if so.. post a picture of them if you have 1?: nope... im a single teenager and im loving every second of it.
10. explain your livejournal user picture?: umm i took it after i got outta the shower about 2 nights ago.. i got bored that night so i decided to photoshop it.. when it was complete... i thought it looked pretty damn cool so i used it for my picture. im slowly discovering new things in my photoshop haha
11. what about your user name?: Komodia stands for the goddess of happiness... Thalia is the nymph of amusement.. and theres nothing in the world i love more than to make other people happy and i love to amuse others and be amused. <3


12. favorite type of music?: when im in a good mood i must say the punk genre but old school punk... like Rancid and The Casualties and the Vandals and wat not...  when im depressed or tired i go for the emo side of things... such as the good 'ol Taking Back Sunday
13. do you have siblings?: yes i do.. a brother who's 19
14. pets?: yup.. a dog named Rescue, cat named Boots, horse named Mr. BoJangles haha


15. please promote in a community or user that is NOT a promotion community (will check) use a promotion picture listed below:  i dont think the picture worked but he'll get the idea ,
16. will you be active and post/promote?: yes i most surely will


17. please list 4 things you love and why you love them?: 1) my friends.. thats my #1... if it werent for my friends keeping my feet on the ground i dont think i'd be here right now. Each and every one of them have their own quality that can brighten up my day. I'm nothing without them. 2)photography: It allows me to express myself through pictures. I take pictures of things that i think are beautiful to me... things that really stand out to me in this world...  and things that represent me. It also captures moments that you can look back on to make you smile when you really need it. 3). Nintendo games: they're highly entertaining... they remind me of when i was little and all the fun i used to have when i was like 5. How i had no cares in the world except to beat that one game. No drama no nothing.. i could just escape into the virtual world of good 'ol Nintendo. 4) my car: it IS the party car. ive had sooo many great memories made in it.. and its always a good time when ur riding with me.  Its taken us on some pretty crazy adventures in the past year and idk wat i'd do without it. It also lets me leave whenever i want to escape this retareded household and it takes me to the people i love most :o)
18. please list 4 things you hate, and why you hate them?:lets see here... 1) rumors: they're nothig but trouble and most of them arent true. i dont get y people have to beleive everything they hear or y some have to be childish and spread shit around like everyone wants to know. i personally let all of it flow in one ear and out the other. 2) labels: they make u seem like something ur not. they can give u bad reps and you're rejected of pushed aside from things do to those reputations. dont judge a book by its cover. Get to know the person first.. then u can decide for urself their label.3) The radio: once they get ahold of a good song.. thats its.. say bye bye to ur fav. song. All u hear is taht song being played over and over again because thats wat the little teeny bopper kids want so they can pretend to like it to be cool... P.S. i hate little kids. 4) rape: its fucking ignorant and selfish. if you're really that horny.. go find a fucking hooker. I hate people who think they can do whatever the please to anyone they want. I hope the bastard knows they just tramautized that person for the rest of their life and they will never ever again be the same.. just because you wanted a piece of ass.. get a fucking life and maybe some respect in that tiny head of urs that deserves to be smashed in.

19. PICTURESPost 3-10 pictures of youself and your 150x150 for the member page

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