Lady and the Sea

Living Words

Whisper living words
not dying
emptiness all around eating
the prayers
yet the soul does not
hang its head in shame
no blame
regret is the shallow grave
existence questionable
yet answers are in scarce demand
challenges issued
gauntlet thrown
where are the knights
the protectors
who fight for our honour?
valour died when the lance broke
in two
now there is only a few
who stitch breaks one at a time
with fine needle and course thread
heroes and martyrs are dead
real people walk around
figuring the jigsaw
that lives in every mind
survival is law
rock the cradle
keep the bough safe
Whisper living words
not dying
ash is not ash
the phoenix lives in imagination
thrives on beautiful shores
even as the storms come
it embraces its fury
turbulence makes the quest bright
disturbance makes us wake up
shake up
every single truth
we were fed
as if we were dead
yet we live
to each piece of complexity
chaos is life
peace the waters that run beneath
this is what we bequeath
Living Words.

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Soft whispers
across the hall
that fall
into place
like words
upon a page,
a ghost
that resides
as if its lies
to hide
in the identity
that separates

Who's that person
who stares
without any cares
upon the world
and everything
that's unfurled
within the lens of an eye?

Who's that person
who lives where
nobody else dares
to be,
as if suspecting
within the lens of an eye?

Who's that person
who speaks
during the night
of dreams and nightmares
that are filled
with delight
and despair
and collidescope lights
that drown
within the lens of an eye?

It is me . . .



I have a box stuffed full of memories
On the highest closet shelf
(In the deepest drawer of my heart)
And sometimes I take one out
Only one
And I study it, roll it around
In my hands and in my mind
Like a smooth cool stone
Or a waxy leaf
Or a tiny grain of sand
And I fall in love with it
Hugged tight to my chest
And I can feel it beating there
Like a precious little bird
Who sings just for me
(The value of one is so great)
But when the box stuffed full
Of memories spills over
All out on the floor at once
I suffocate and drown
And fight them off like crows
(Feelings are too great to bear)
Let me have the memories
The small ones, one by one
(I don’t want to burn the box)
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We are One.
One Self.
One Language.
One Love.
You are Me
And I You.
Are you Scared?
Do my words Threaten?
You only fear Yourself.
You have built Many Walls
You are Trapped
I have Escaped.
Do You want to be Me?
Would you crumble to be FREE?
Rip down your Walls
Become One with Me
The way it’s Supposed to be
Don’t you see?
We are One.
One Self.
One Language.
One Love.

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Uninformed minds
Preaching unfortunate lives
Bathing with luxury in ignorance
Brainwashing the clouds
To stop the rain
From showering mother earth
In Showers of Love, Love, Love!
You devious uninformed minds
Preaching resentful unfortunate lives
Fucking up the Showered by Love minds
Let it pour on each one of you
Until your drenched in
Showers of Love, Love, Love!
And then the Showered by Love minds
Will be at peace
Instead of fucked up
As you preach