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I'm tore up inside
I believe I just saw dad cry.
It seems his love speaks out loud
only when I dont.
But then when I do, he gets a glimpse
of me as myself
and doesnt approve. 
So I'll press the mute and do as I do
act a stranger
so he'll do it too.

red dragon

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So high above all things I want to fly
To feel unbound to anything,
Nothing to pull me down or weigh heavy on my shoulders
No rules, no chords or strings
Just freedom few ever feel
Or deep in the ocean with no fear of drowning
Just the cool crisp water rushing over me
No one to tell me what to do, no depth of limits
No noise, no worries
Just freedom that few ever feel
In the woods so far and distant that the tree that falls makes noise
Feet are free to move over the earth and feel its security
To run in the breeze with no where to go
No one worries where you are
No duties, no cares or concerns
Just freedom that few ever feel
Just freedom inside that few ever feel before they die

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I am just a stupid girl
with a very brittle heart
and if I knew where to begin
I might know where to start
to figure out who I should be
and how to live
and where to find my harmony
But I'm too damaged to repair
and pain still holds attraction
in spite of giving satisfaction
so much less than happiness
still i degress
down pasths I should not wander
submit myself to love
that only tears usunder
what peace of mind
I hard-won find
Such is my sacred, starving feast
such is the nature of my beast
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inhale. exhale.
all the while i sing my song.
i'll get along,
you'll come around
you and i shall paint the town

like fire and heat
the cherry on my sunday treat.

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between the cracks,
the dotted line,
a ghost of all left behind.

left alone, 
without a trace.
but now we meet, 
face to face.

All was dark, and dead inside,
she had so much she had to hide

Breathless memories, timeless thoughts,
stories told but then forgot.
old and grey, a timeless tale,
lying blindly, cold, and frail.

(no subject)

new growth, new life,
shining through the worlds window.

it goes forth, it strives,
to fill its full potential.

our world, so small,
in this universe so wide.

we go forth, we strive,
to fill our full potential.

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you see me like noone sees me,
you feel me like noone feels me.

with you, I am whole.
you comfort, and fill my soul.

you empower me and drive me,
twards the things I am to afraid to achieve.
you love me, and console me,
when I am lost, and do not believe.

you are the light shining, on my darkest nights sky,
I feel your warmth around me, you're always nearby.

you do not let me fall, you're always by my side.
I promise to be by yours.  together, we will fly.

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This is the last one she gets

So where are we? Are we friends or are we foes?
I guess nobody'll ever know 'cause of the way you show
It, i can see the message and it's bright and clear
I can feel it in the presence of your atmosphere
The atmos is magic but this situtaion is really tragic
Stop this bad habit, but for real that's it i've had it
I don't wanna have to reach a point that's too drastic
Or desperate measures might take place, but, I feel estatic
I feel happy, I fake the smiles just to shut you up
And even if, you don't really give a make love
Let's take stuff, then make up, i just wanna break stuff
I just wanna make you care but this is just a fake bluff
We can trade words, but really its a waste of breath
If can take the places of our wastes and erase them
I'd be so happy, party, live life by the bottle
Consume beverages and forget with each swallow
I may seem hallow, but i'm tired of being me
The more me I am, the more I draw you near
I'm incredibly exhausted, you can't imagine
I just wanna escape the reality of what is happening
We could make it, no, I can't, i've tried alone and it's hard
If you met me half way we would've made it far
But I don't wanna be amazing, just leave me
Im not what you make me out to be believe me, stop and i'd breathe easy
Oh so sweetly the music plays
I was alot smarter, brighter fellow in my better days
But i'm real dazed and faded, i don't think i made it
And just to be mean, if you had a heart i'd play it

Critism is greatly appreciated
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