Better Off Dead


Geez y'all! So sad to be saying this is my last post. Of course it's not necessarily my last, but you know, things have been heading that way for quite some time.

Obviously I will miss doing this very much. It's the only reason I log into LJ anymore!

I don't have a "last post ever" ready or anything but I do have a recycled track that I think conveys the sentiment.

Master P - Goodbye to my Homies

Thanks for the memories. It's been a pleasure.


Last Sigh

hello i am [info]threv 

aww jeah

It looks like our fair group is reaching the end of our journey. I apologize for my personal dearth of posts over the past month - the holiday season was extremely busy, and my band The Secret Life had our CD Release Party (pix here). Work has ramped up; [info]pixivixen is back in school AND has found a sweet new job, and life is overall great. It seems like a fantastic time to hit the reset button, so with this final post
I present 3 themes:
- bands i wanted to post about in rhapsodical but haven't yet
- bands that made me who i am today
- silly shit that i'm addicted to

okay there's really only one in particular but it's a doozy:

Painful Reminder
Painful Reminder is an anti-folk rock act formerly from Atlanta, GA. Based primarily around one Ben Philips, aka Pynk, the songwriting is deliciously morose and the spite is palpable. Pynk is a brother of mine in Psi Upsilon from Georgia Tech, and has performed in one respect or another for the past 8 years until he moved to Iowa w/his wife last year.

Pynk is a humongous inspiration and one of my closest friends. He's an incredible musician, a great guitarist, a fantastic songwriter, and if i didn't know him personally I would swear he's this close >< to killing himself. Always a fantastic show, and certainly THE SINGLE MOST underappreciated artist i know. Towards the end of his illustrious career as Painful Reminder, Pynk picked up a bassist in Rob "Poodleface" Solomon and a drummer in Phillip Simmons.

just great, great, great stuff and i hope & pray pynk will pick this back up some day.

I only wanted you for sex
Blow, blow thou winter wind
happy birthday


pixivixen already covered Download/platEAU, but they are only one part of the greater subconscious collective founded by the masters of horror industrial, Skinny Puppy

If i had to pick just one band to say "they are my favorite", it would be skinny puppy. the mastery of intense percussion; sick sick synth basslines; the amazing songwriting; the classically trained drummer & keyboardist; the insane range of style they cover; their prolific nature...i'm fucking absolutely addicted to the pups. Started in Vancouver in 1982, the core group is cEvin Key, Nivek Ogre, and (until his tragic death in 1995) Dwayne Goettel. They released a ton of shit until their "breakup" in 1996 (after which Download came to the forefront) but reformed in 2000 at the Doomsday festival in germany, and have since released 2 records (that sadly don't quite match the ziing of their earlier works, but the stuff Omar Torres did w/them on The Greater Wrong of the Right is just sick sick sick shit). I've spent more time listening to Skinny Puppy than any other band. They are so deliciously dark, and i've never heard anything like them since. I can't get enough. That's a fact.

Dogshit (extended mix)
Smothered Hope

next, we have probably my 2nd 'favorite' band:
Cabaret Voltaire

i first heard cabaret voltaire (aka the cabbies, aka cabvolt) in high school right around the time i was getting into skinny puppy.  the 1st record i heard was 'microphonies' (a poster of which can be found on ferris bueller's wall) and i thought "wow this sounds like pretty hate machine".  lo & behold, it was produced by flood as well, only 5 years prior.  i've become a massive fan of all of their work.  they started out on the original industrial records label in the late 70s, manipulating tapes and making raw noise.  chris watson ended up leaving the band in the early 80s after several landmark releases (red mecca, 2x45, etc.) to form the hafler trio (aka h3o).  richard h. kirk ended up directing the musical output for the next 10 years, inventing ambient techno & 'poppy' industrial along the way.  always engaging, always entertaining.  mr. kirk has also released under many other monikers such as sweet exorcist and sandoz.

Do Right
Just Fascination (1992 remix)
I Want You
We've Got Heart

now it's time for kinds of ultra heavy beat & crap rock (?) i dunno it's totally dancy 'industrial' kinda but i fucking love most of it (well, anything before the symbols album)

pretty much everyone's heard of KMFDM (aka No Pity For The Majority) and had ideas of what that shit actually stands for (my favorite wrong answers:  Kill Me For Drug Money, Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode, Kombat Mortal For Dyslexic Men, Kylie Minogue Fucks Dead Monkeys) and has heard their music.  i still love their early to mid output.  started in the early 80s as a performance art demonstration (leader Sascha K distorted 16 vacuum cleaners on stage), introduced to Raymond Watts (who was recently fired as Einsturzende Neubauten's stage manager for setting fire to too many things) they drank themselves retarded and recorded 'what do you know, deutscheland?' in watts' basement bunker.  they developed their trademark sound over years with a severe case of tongue in cheek.  tons of records flew out of KMFDM, mostly emblazoned with the art of Brute! which became a staple of KMFDM's releases.  Lots of heavy processed guitar, funky heavy beats, silly lyrics, and deep synths.  a staple in the collection of pretty much any fan of wax trax!

i wish i could find Money cuz that song's great, so is Help Us, Save Us, Take Us Away.
go find those songs.

closely related to KMFDM is

Raymond Watts is, to me, the reason i loved KMFDM.  He wrote their biggest song Juke Joint Jezebel, and his own work is a crazy amalgamation of horns, synths, guitar, pomp, and drinking.  I got into Pig around the time I got into KMFDM and became a much bigger Pig fan.  Fucking great shit.  I wish he'd go back to working w/Jim "Foetus" Thirlwell again tho (steroid maximus was a fucking amazing project - for proof, listen to the opening theme of The Venture Brothers - that's steroid maximus aka thirlwell & watts)


fuck i thought i put up more on  GO BUY SOME PIG TRUST ME IT'S TOTALLY WORTH EVERY CENT.
get "sinsation" or "red, raw, and sore"

OK time for the Wreckers of Civilisation (quote british parliament in the late 70s):
Throbbing Gristle

yeeee gadddsss i could write tomes on Throbbing Gristle.
They invented 'industrial' music in the 70s.  they founded Industrial Records.  They came from Coum Transmissions (sick performance art involving blood and vomit and ick).  they founded the careers of Genesis P-Orridge, Psychic TV, and Coil.  They were fucking raw as hell.  Textbook industrial music - probably the only 'true' industrial music ever made.  just sick sick sick shit.  amazing noise, live sound mangling (before anyone ever thought of doing live electronic sound mangling), proto-sampling pioneers.  Seriously i could write for years but do yourself a favor & google that shit.  NOW NOW NOW Now.

20 jazz funk greats
hamburger lady
hot on the heels of love

ps this is genesis p-orridge today:

yes, that's a 50 year old man.  yes, those are tits.

mental floss.

right now, right now, right now it's time to...KICK OUT THE JAMS, MOTHERFUCKERS

The KLF...the truest discordians to ever live.  Born out of a desire for A&R rep Bill Drummond to destroy the music industry, he enlisted the help of one Jimmy Cauty to make a 'hip hop' record in 1987.  The crazy scots sampled everyone from Whitney Houston to Abba and got the shit sued out of them in the process.  Fueled by rage, they recorded as "the JAMS" and "the timelords", wrote the gary glitter/dr. who mashup that is played at every fucking sports event ever, hit #1 in england, wrote "The Manual:  How to have a #1 hit the easy way", invented acid trance (perfected it, to be exact), helped form The Orb, got even more popular which made them MORE ANGRY.  they released Chill Out, the quintessential ambient techno record, then they released The White Room (with 3am eternal and what time is love, which both made it to the top of the british charts).  Since their plan to destroy the industry backfired as they got more rich & popular, the only thing to do was go BATSHIT INSANE.
During the 1992 BRIT awards, they were scheduled to perform their hit "what time is love".  instead, they got grindcore act Extreme Noise Terror to perform the song to a shocked crowd as the KLF hit the stage in kilts and machineguns, chomping cigars, and fired blanks above the audience.  later, they dumped a dead sheep in the afterparty.
this made them more popular
what next?
they burned a million quid.
and videotaped it.
and called it quits.

fuck yes.

3 A.M. Eternal
I put up "what time is love" on a previous post - check it out (it's under the wax trax! black box post.  it's great.)
also check their videos online - they were quite prolific.

finally we come to what's still the single most awesome example of drum & bass ever,

I kind of regret that this is the 1st drum & bass act i was introduced to, as everything since has been ABSOLUTELY LACKING IN BALLS AND INTENSITY.  his debut release, Low Profile Darkness, is still the finest dark D&B ever made.  Sick basslines, wicked distorted breaks, wow.  Even he himself hasn't been able to top that (altho 'the hardest tour on planet earth' with cativo is a worthy attempt).  He records under various other monikers:  squaremeter, kate mosh, and the redeemer.

VIP Torture
turn this shit up loud as hell & make sure you're around things that are destructible because you're going to fucking break things while listening to this.  imagine a 15 year old kid from south georgia hearing this & going fucking apeshit.  hi!  that was me.


Sonic in Moscow -
did you know that michael jackson's production team wrote the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3?
little known fact. look it up on google :) anyhow, i mashed up the end song of Sonic 3 w/MJ's "Stranger in Moscow" along with a stranger in moscow cover by Transformer di Roboto (who uses the mac startup sound as the bassline) totally silly but fun :)

The Frogs - I'm Evil, Jack
just listen.

Kalma - Power ov Love
Yes, this is an electronic death metal cover of huey lewis. Kalma is fucking amazing. Great pals, amazing musicians, run SMT Studios in Manhattan. Brian Herman of Kalma is also involved with Not Breathing.

also more links!

Nophi Recordings (i am co-chair of this record label)
WREK 91.1FM The Mobius (my weekly electronic radio show - we archive!)
The Secret Life Web Liner Notes (electronic liner notes for my recently released CD)
The Secret Life Blog (we update this hooray)
Harmaline Myspace (one of my 2 new acts)

I really will miss this, and i hope to keep in contact w/those who appreciated what I posted.
Take it sleazy, everyone

i want joe biden i need joe biden

(no subject)

Dear friends,

For the past two and a half years, this community has been a labor of love for me. (Sometimes it was like my mom used to say in that I loved it, but I sure didn't have to like it, but the love never died.)

We've been through a lot together, you [guys] and I. We've endured some pretty rough theme weeks, my transformation from indie slut to whatever I am now, Jeff's marriage, a few love connections (Jamie & Tim for you old-timers), a revolving door of great posters, pixivixen & threv's engagement, and I'm sure a few emotional crises on all of our parts. Best of all, I know a lot of us have made some very dear friends through here, and for that it is worth everything we've put into it.

That's why it pains me to point out the obvious: this community is in a serious state of disrepair and I don't know of anyone willing to put forth the effort to bring it back to its glory days of 2005 and 2006. I know I'm sort of springing this on everyone, but you had to see it coming. My post on Tuesday was the first one since Christmas Eve and, while the non-posters can't see this, our downloads are less than 1/5 of what they used to be on average. It seems to me that it won't matter if I seek out new posters, bring back theme week, or any sort of upheaval of how things currently are - we've all moved on.

So I guess what I'm saying is that this party's finally come to an end. I'll leave all the current links in our account until it expires (in July?), so help yourself to everything that's been posted for the past few months. And if all the posters want to do one last hurrah, that's cool too.

Anyway, I adore you all and wish everyone the best. Thanks for everything.

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Musashi Miyamoto

Fursday Thool

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Easter and all that.

My x-mas was pretty amazing. I went home to Alabama and shot guns, drove SUV's, shopped at Walmart, and went to the dentist. You know, America stuff.

Apparently this band is Canadian, but I listened to them a lot while I was home and I think of them fondly as a Southern sort of folky goodness. Don't get me wrong though, this isn't folk music. The name might be the folkiest thing about it. However, there are banjos. Lots of banjos.

I strongly recommend the album, Love is Simple.

Hope y'all had good ones.

Akron/Family - Ed Is A Portal

Akron/Family - Don't Be Afraid, You're Already Dead

Me, shootin:

i want joe biden i need joe biden

(no subject)

Lawdy it's 2008 already! Ohhhh how time flies when you have a million things to do.

Let's start this party off with some Charles Mingus! (Well to be fair, Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy.) Dude's a jazz bassist that I've recently fallen hard for thanks in part to one Nate Query. The first sentence of his bio on allmusic really brought the lol and was also pretty dead on in describing him, so I'mma copy/paste that for you. "Irascible, demanding, bullying, and probably a genius, Charles Mingus cut himself a uniquely iconoclastic path through jazz in the middle of the 20th century, creating a legacy that became universally lauded only after he was no longer around to bug people." This song I'm posting manages to, in its 15 minutes, explore New Orleans jazz, gospel, swing and a bit of the avant-garde.

Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy - So Long Eric

And hey! I bet some of you who are all up in the news have heard about Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni lately. Just in case you haven't heard any songs from her, here's one from her first album. It's a jingle-jangly guitar-based song from a real babe.

Carla Bruni - Lovers
i want joe biden i need joe biden

(no subject)

Ohhhh Lord have mercy on our souls. Did you guys all get in on the party that went down at Okkervil River's website last week? A FREE download of a "mixtape" they made of live covers and such, complete with Christmas and/or Hanukkah-themed album art and really intense and personal and in-depth liner notes. It's not like it's a secret that I'm really really into Okkervil River or anything, but man if The Decemberists keep canceling tours that I'm spending $200 on and Okkervil River keeps being really fucking amazing, those two are going to end up switching places in my heart. And that's a fact.

But anyway! On Friday, Will Scheff posted the answers to fan-submitted questions re: the mixtape and, well, I just love how honest and down-to-earth that dude is. (SIDE NOTE/TRUE STORY: My friend once had a morning-after, "Uhh, we had sex? Oh man we had sex." conversation in a diner in Austin with him sitting at the next table. I hope there's a song about that on the next album.) But anyway, he said something in one of his answers about Nina Simone that really lit a fire in my britches. I love Nina Simone and have recently started diving a little deeper into her repertoire, but this just sent me off the high dive into the deep end, you guys.

"I guess what really blew open my brain about covers, though, was listening to Nina Simone, who I’d always loved but of whom I only relatively recently started chasing down as many recordings I could find. What amazes me about Nina Simone is that – in addition to the handful of songs she wrote (some of which stand among the best songs of the 20th century, in my opinion) – most of her career focused around taking someone else’s song and violently remaking it as her own. She seemed almost perversely to focus on songs so worn-out and clichéd (“Kum By Ya,” “Feelings,” “Angel of the Morning”) that no one with any taste would touch them, and she somehow made them new again. She’d throw out verses, add new ones, steal melodies, rewrite lines to mean to exact opposite of what their writer intended. Really, she didn’t give a shit about their writer. She was loyal solely to her vision of the song’s true identity. Her incredible version of George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” is over 18 minutes long, includes many verses, bridges, and breakdowns that Harrison never wrote, and ends with the line “Lord, today you are a killer” (by the way, many thanks to Jonathan Meiburg for bringing this song to my attention). Nina Simone ignored the boundaries between rendition and originality (just as her records ignored the boundaries between live and studio compositions by integrating both and even splicing between them); she acted like those boundaries weren’t there. Because they aren’t."

So here are four of her covers for you.

Nina Simone - Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)
Nina Simone - Angel of the Morning (by Chip Taylor but made popular by Juice Newton mostly (10 years after Nina sang it))
Nina Simone - Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles)
Nina Simone - My Sweet Lord (George Harrison (and it's every bit as incredible as Scheff says it is))

P.S. It would mean the world to me if you would all read this entry. Thx!
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free idm = teh awesomeness

HELLO I AM threv


The past few months have been a watershed for the music industry. Supply has greatly outpaced demand for quality music, as established artists like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and others have released records for (mostly) free and sounding what may be the death knell for traditional music distribution. The rise of netlabels has played no small part in this development. Incredible artists who previously had no channels within which to present their music to a receptive world are exploding all over the Internet, from well-known electronic gurus to just-founded bedroom producers.

Sutemos, a netlabel and e-zine from Lithuania, has taken it upon themselves to drive the nail deeper into the coffin of CDs with their most recent free release Intelligent Toys 4.

Spanning a whopping 2 hours and 24 minutes across 28 tracks, this release features new music from electronic stalwarts such as Esem, Machine Drum, Lackluster, and Vladislav Delay as well as a bevvy of previously unknown artists. The result is a chilled-out flow of music from start to finish that amazingly never grows old.

The songs across this release are primarily atmospheric, tending to understate rather than overload the listener. Mild beats and classic IDM glitches take a back seat to the drones inspired by Pole and Monolake.

This is one of the finest IDM releases I've heard this year, and certainly one of the finest free collections of music one can find on the internet. It won't be long until the majority of quality music is released this way, and from the sounds of Intelligent Toys 4, music consumers have little to worry about in terms of quality free music.

download this sumbitch here (warning:  208 mb of free rad music - could blow ass off)