September 24th, 2009

wood woman

For that ass!

sup yawl?
been dicking around with music and mixes a lot since i got the new lappy. i figured i would go ahead and post a few links here for everyone in audioland. a few of the tracks have already been posted in previous entries, but not nearly all of them.

First off, I have been listening to a lot of 80s euro disco, which i have heard referred to as "Italo" here and there. It was introduced to me by a dj i met while i was studying in newcastle. We all heard some form of it as children of the 80s, but clearly there is a lot which never reached my ears until recently. An early obsession with OMDs greatest hits album has created a special place in my heart for certain 80s synth sounds. You will find eleven favorites in my Disco Mix.

i have been working on the perfect bowie mix for quite some time now. Here you will find the third but not quite final draft. comments and suggestions would be much appreciated.

next you will find the Insanity Mix. a number of strange random songs i believe everyone should hear.

Finally, we have the obligatory lounge folder.

those last two were woefully limited by my lack of access to the files on my old laptop. this has forced me to reunite with old backup discs from the desktop era. good times abound.

speaking of good times, i was convinced to make some noises with a friend recently. if you are feeling adventurous, do click here... Nooch.