December 18th, 2008

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So here's the deal: ____rhapsodical is officially open for business again and everyone's allowed to post! It's moderated posting, so badlydrawnjeff and I will approve 2 posts per day if there are enough in the queue. I'm going to enforce some pretty strict posting rules, though, so please keep this post as a reference just in case you forget one.
  • No more than two artists per post.
  • No more than two songs per artist.
    • That means no more than four songs per post. Period.
  • All images must be no more than 320 pixels wide. ImageShack has a handy uploader on its website and it can automatically resize your images to this.
  • I erased all the old tags, so we're starting with a clean slate here. If you downloaded something in the past that you want to revisit, you're welcome to.
    • Obviously you should tag all your posts with the artists in them. Please check the existing tags before you do so we don't end up with a tag for "smiths" and a tag for "the smiths," etc.
  • No full albums or link dumps. This isn't ysi_leftovers
  • It's up to you to host your songs on whatever file sharing site you like. I'd prefer it be somewhere like sendspace or mediafire where there isn't a time limit between downloads, but it's completely up to you. Do not host them somewhere with download restrictions, though, if those kinds of places even exist anymore.

Just as before, we're open to any and every genre out there. There's an audience for everything, so don't hesitate to branch out and explore

I had to go through and manually give all the preexisting members posting access, so if I accidentally missed you, please let me know and I'll change it ASAP.