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I was wondering if anyone could help me identify two songs. One is in a new ipod touch commerical (or maybe the phone) I didn't catch all the lyrics but it was something like "take me to your best friend's house" and there was a  "Oh yeahahahahaah" .

Another was a song that I heard a few years ago on a spanish radio station. It's not my first or second language so I can't say the lyrics..but I heard it several times so perhaps it was popular...The refrain sounded something like (adida dias) mi amor. And I'd call it soft rock. It was a male group.
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My honey pie and I are finalists in a contest to win a FREE WEDDING (omg) during a production of Our Town!! Voting closes tonight at midnight and we need votes! Please go HERE HERE HERE and vote for Marshall + Alicia! (No registration required so you have no excuses. It seriously takes like half a second.)

(This isn't against the rules because I run this joint so HA. Also if any of you are ever in something that you need votes for, you can do the same even though this place is effectively dead. I ain't no hypocrite.)

Also if any of you experience a wonderful miracle and can see the vote counts after you've voted, please let me know what they are!
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been dicking around with music and mixes a lot since i got the new lappy. i figured i would go ahead and post a few links here for everyone in audioland. a few of the tracks have already been posted in previous entries, but not nearly all of them.

First off, I have been listening to a lot of 80s euro disco, which i have heard referred to as "Italo" here and there. It was introduced to me by a dj i met while i was studying in newcastle. We all heard some form of it as children of the 80s, but clearly there is a lot which never reached my ears until recently. An early obsession with OMDs greatest hits album has created a special place in my heart for certain 80s synth sounds. You will find eleven favorites in my Disco Mix.

i have been working on the perfect bowie mix for quite some time now. Here you will find the third but not quite final draft. comments and suggestions would be much appreciated.

next you will find the Insanity Mix. a number of strange random songs i believe everyone should hear.

Finally, we have the obligatory lounge folder.

those last two were woefully limited by my lack of access to the files on my old laptop. this has forced me to reunite with old backup discs from the desktop era. good times abound.

speaking of good times, i was convinced to make some noises with a friend recently. if you are feeling adventurous, do click here... Nooch.

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OKAY so badlydrawnjeff sent me a link to THIS POST about Slow Club and something about the first song posted there, "It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful," reminded me of another song. THE PROBLEM: I can't figure out what that other song is and I can only think of one part of one line in it.

SO MY QUESTION IS, do any of you know of a song that includes the line "I've been sucking on a something something" that features jaunty man-lady harmonizing and is upbeat? Please help me before I go insane!

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Hey everybody, so I always wanted to be a part of the posting staff for rhapsodical way back when, and now this great opportunity comes along and what do you  know but I review cds for a college radio station! So I'm going to try to keep coming to you with new and interesting stuff. So, first up:

We Landed on the Moon!
Rilo Kiley is probably the best touch stone for this band - female lead singer with some swagger, rock/pop guitar lines with a good hook and a quick beat to the songs. That said, when you read their myspace page you get the impression that they are sick to death of being compared to any and every band with a female lead singer. And while that is understandable, I'm also sure that you're going to hear More Adventurous/The Execution of All Things era Jenny Lewis in the songs.

Washing for the Week from These Little Wars

Re: Send Your Letter from These Little Wars

Drew Danburry
Just a man with his guitar, Danburry's musical influences are pretty specific - you can hear a lot of Sufjan Stevens and some Scandinavian stuff (Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, for instance). But his voice can do radically different things from song to song. Here he sounds like Alex Kapranos on Memorial Day followed by Will Scheff from Okkervil River on Residents in Orange County.

Memorial Day from This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak for the Club

Residents in Orange County from This Could Mean Trouble, You Don't Speak for the Club
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So here's the deal: ____rhapsodical is officially open for business again and everyone's allowed to post! It's moderated posting, so badlydrawnjeff and I will approve 2 posts per day if there are enough in the queue. I'm going to enforce some pretty strict posting rules, though, so please keep this post as a reference just in case you forget one.
  • No more than two artists per post.
  • No more than two songs per artist.
    • That means no more than four songs per post. Period.
  • All images must be no more than 320 pixels wide. ImageShack has a handy uploader on its website and it can automatically resize your images to this.
  • I erased all the old tags, so we're starting with a clean slate here. If you downloaded something in the past that you want to revisit, you're welcome to.
    • Obviously you should tag all your posts with the artists in them. Please check the existing tags before you do so we don't end up with a tag for "smiths" and a tag for "the smiths," etc.
  • No full albums or link dumps. This isn't ysi_leftovers
  • It's up to you to host your songs on whatever file sharing site you like. I'd prefer it be somewhere like sendspace or mediafire where there isn't a time limit between downloads, but it's completely up to you. Do not host them somewhere with download restrictions, though, if those kinds of places even exist anymore.

Just as before, we're open to any and every genre out there. There's an audience for everything, so don't hesitate to branch out and explore

I had to go through and manually give all the preexisting members posting access, so if I accidentally missed you, please let me know and I'll change it ASAP.
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1. Who still has this on their friends list?

2. If I reopened this where ANYONE(!!!) can post, who would keep this on their friends list?

It would be moderated posting, I would only accept two or three entries per day, and they would have to be actual ~music blog~ entries (not just link dumps). I only ask because I have so much music I want the world to know about but I have no other outlet for it but here!