Self injury help

Self Injury help
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This community is mainly for those who have in the past, or are currently struggling with self-injury. However, this community is open to anyone concerned.

There are some rules that need to be followed. Upon joining, it is assumed that you have read and agreed to these rules.

1) No abusive, mean, or negative entries/comments towards any other member. This community is for people seeking support and anything that can be seen as unconsiderate or mean will not be tolerated.

2) Suggestive entries are not allowed. This is a very sensitive topic and suggestive entries will not help those trying to recover. These also include graphic details/images.

3) Advertising is not allowed. This includes advertisements of other communities or websites. There is an exception to this however. Links are allowed only if they are of an appropriate nature to the community or if they are helpful to others.

4) All poetry/lyrics must be placed behind an lj-cut.

5) Things that are allowed/encouraged:

+ Offering/asking for help
+ Commenting on others entries
+ Sharing acheivements as well as failures

6) Also note: no entry should go without a reply. I've seen way too many self injury communities where people post and no one replies, even though they have about 200 members. I figure people don't post if they don't want a response. I will try to comment as much as a I can, but we all need to help each other.

If anyone has questions please email me at: athousandburningdown@yahoo.com

Your mods,