heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i just promoted this commmunity in my own, so here i am in turn promoting my community here.

check it!

i'm bored.

p.s. if you need stamps or whatever else, i'm willing to help you out. <3

So long, farewell

Okay, well, I'm off to Seattle in about a half hour. I think it will be good for me. I need to get the hell away from everything here for a little while: away from my nights home alone doing nothing but sit on the computer and eat bowls of cereal; away from wondering about Nick and the disappointments of that "relationship" (I think I will put that word in quotes when reference to Nick from now on); away from real life friends that don't call or care and (rather sadly) often pale in comparison to the friends I've never met before; away from 40 hour weeks and 40 minute commutes (each way!)

I just need a vacation.

So, needless to say, I shall be absent from the community for a week. Don't remove me, bitches! I'll be back soon!

My hope is that I shall return refreshed, invigorated and more alive. Feel free to leave me lots of comments or, better yet, write me very long emails. Though I am in need of getting away, returning with my inbox filled to the brim would put a smile on my face (and don't I have a pretty smile? :D )

So, bye everyone! I hope all is well with you, or at least gets better. And keep me posted while I'm gone, if you can.
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i was brought here by the lovely miss sara kay haha_i_hate_you

Name: Tiffany Marie
Age: almost 17!
Location: Kansas City Missouri

Bands:Alkaline Trio,Brand New,A Static Lullaby,Radiohead,Thrice,A Beautiful Mistake,Cursive

Books:Candy and Smack

Movies:PI,Requiem for a dream,American History X,Blow,Fear n Loathing In Las Vegas,The Smokers,Ghost World

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