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____randomness's Journal

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


This is a community for people who enjoy taking random pictures, and being random in general. Please join, fill out the app, and wait to see if you're accepted.

+ just because this community is "random" doesn't mean you can post if you're not a member. you have to apply just like everybody else. have some respect people.
+ absoloutely no posers allowed. this community isn't about looking "hot" or whatever. it's about being random.
+ no racism.
+ no nudity.
+ you can't tell people their accepted or not, untill we've stamped that you're accepted.
+ respect every member.
+ respect people coming to join: no meanness.
+ no arguing with us if we don't accept you.
+ no arguing with other members.
+ also, we have theme weeks. this is when we'll give you a theme for randomness. for example, "random socks." or whatever. then you have to post pictures of you're socks.
+ no promoting other communities unless you've gotten a stamp from a mod to post your promotion, only the mods can promote without permission, because it's OUR community.
+ no posting "random" posts if you're not STAMPED

+ at randomness, we use photobucket
+ only members stamped ACCEPTED can use this account.
++ if any one else uses it, YOU DIE. and the password will be changed.
+ No porn/nudity/18A these are OUR rules, but photobucket will FREEZE our account if any of this is on the account.
+ as the picture title, please give it your username and a number. (eg; crashdownonme2.jpg)
+ if you do not follow the rules ^^^^ we can delete your pictures so please obey the rules.
+the only picture titles that say, "rejected.jpg" will not be deleted because we know it's for banners and so on.
you'll have to ask the mods for this info.
but i can tell you that the username is ____randomness

+ when applying, you must submit at least three pictures of yourself. two of these must be doing something random, looking random, holding something random ETC, and one must be a clear shot of your face.
+ you must fill out the form below.
+ put everything behind an LJ cut. if you don't know how to do that, read the FAQ.
+ write "am i random?" as your lj cut line.
+ for your application, put "pick me, i'm random!" in the subject line.
+ skip the rule about "am i random?" put "randomness <3" as your lj cut line.
+ once 4 or more(or when a mod decides they should be stamped) stamped members have put there word in for either YES OR NO (4 yes's or 4 no's) you will be stamped by a mod

+ everything must be behind an lj cut.
+ when accepted; don't be a sheep! don't vote 'yes' just because everyone else has. if you think no, then say that. if you think yes then say that, too!
+ you must take part, at least sometimes. if not, we'll kick you out.
+ be as imaginative as you can.
+ once accepted, you can post really anything: objects, you, notes, food, etc, ANYTHING!
+ however, don't post surveys (unless it's the application) or quizzes, or big long posts, because this a community, not your actual lj.
+ you are welcome to create you're own "accepted", "rejected" and advertising banners. just send them to gabi or frankie and we'll post them here. (giving you credit for making them.)
+ most importantly, have fun!

+ you can find a full list of accepted/rejected members here.

what makes you random?:
what do you like?:
what don't you like?:
what are your hobbies?
do you have any pets? if so, what? if not, would you like one?:
tell us one interestng fact about you:
anything else you'd like to say?:
you promoted us to:
where'd you find randomness? (friend, journal, community etc.):
word association game. say the first thing that comes to your head when i say:

three legged camels:
bug juice:

My pictures:

after a while, you'll be stamped either accepted or rejected, depending on the votes. there's no set rule for this; just whenever the mods feel it's time to be stamped. of course, majority rules.
you can find all stamps here
you can also find promotional banners here
you can also find promotional help

every week, the mods will post a new "theme." this is when you post anything to do with that theme. pictures, stories, etc, anything really.
this weeks theme.

+ you can post as many times for theme as you'd like.
+ no porn/nudity/18A crap.
+ don't fight with other members if their theme post is better than yours.
+ don't be dumb and post stuff like... look under the cut for my theme, and there's nothing in the cut. that's just lame.
+ most of all, make sure you have fun posting for the theme week.

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