i will eat your heart out

so you feel my pain

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1.) In the subject bar, put "check it out i'm rockin steady" [this phrase will be changed once a week]
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3.) Use an LJ-Cut in Apps.
4.) You must be at least 14 to apply, unless you are majorly cool. But if you are younger than 14, you will probably be bitched at for being very young. Sorry.

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1.) You may post anything you want after you are stamped.
2.) Always use an Lj-Cut for Promoting and make sure to promote us back.
3.) You may be as mean as you wish to applicants.
4.) If you don't post/comment for 2 weeks straight then you will be removed from the community.

1. savestheday0021 <---Christa
2. x_deathofme <---Dana
3. bang_y0urdead <---Chelsea
4. so_unfair_x0x <---Rachel


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