Brittany (imma_loser) wrote in ____r0ck0ut,

check it out i'm rocking steady

-:- Basics -:-

Name you go by ::Brittany
Age ::13, 14 in june
Location :: delaware
Piercings or Tattoos ::none yet
Do you play any sports? :: volleyball/softball
Do you play any instruments? ::trumpet,guitar,drums
Favorite color? ::blue
Anything else you would like to add? :: super walmart is rad

-:- Opinions -:-
[Give an opinion, not a yes or no]

Abortion ::pro choice
Drugs/Alcohol ::drugs not good but ppl on em are funny lol alcohol at partys and stuff

Premarital Sex ::sure but if you can wait nice job!
Selt Infliction ::i think its dumb but alot of my friends do that stuff. in my opinon i dont think it works cause i mean after you hurt herslef arent you still mad or upset?
Drunk Driving ::dumb
Death Penalty ::depends on what they did
Labels ::not really, sometimes i use them

-:- Music -:-

Name your top 10 bands ::
-taking back sunday
-blink 182
-bright eyes
-motion city soundtrack
-brand new
-the used
-senses fail
-all american rejects

Name your top 4 favorite songs, and include the band that sings it ::
-the rock show-blink 182
-cadillac (sp?)-mest
-cute without the "E"-tbs
-hit or miss-new found glory

Have you been to any concerts? If so, which ones? ::no i wish

Promote us in 2 communites and post the links ::

AT LEAST 3 good pictures of your face ::i dont have any sorry


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