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Why I should win: Irene Friedman

I'm a mother of two: one daughter's developmentally disabled but living independently, while the oth...
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Why I should win: Jocelyn Hsiao

As a law school student, I work my butt off for hours on end, day after week after month. After scho...
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Underlandiverse is Open for Invites! We need artist, writers, and commenters!

If you love Alice in Wonderland 2010 and if you love crossovers... This is the community for you!
We have teams we are building needing captains, artists, and writers. Come join us today!

Main Community:

Team Pages:

1) team_alchemy Fullmetal Alchemist

2) team_avatar1

3) team_mult_mix
Lets Mix em Up

4) team_wars

May The Force be in Your Futterwacken

5) teamevoulution

Underworld colides with
Underworld colides with Underland

6) Team Forks

7) Team Formers
Transform and Roll-out!

8) Battle Star Galactica Team

9) The Star Gate Lair

10) Supernautural/ Paranormal Team in Underland

11) Harry Potter

12) Heroes

13)Pirates of the caribbean

14) Labyrinth

15) Team Slayer

16) Justice League

17) Doctor Who /Alice Wonderland Crossover

18) Team Inuyasha

19) Team Trek

20 ) Team X_ers (Xmen)

Infinite Vitality, Multifandom Roleplay

Level: Intermediate
Type: Cannon Reincarnation Anime/Manga Mutli-fandom
Species being played: Human
Other: All members have a say, and can suggest at any time what they think might improve the site. Every member has the potential to become a moderator and from there possibly an admin when positions are opened.

Note: The Infinite Vitality staff is dedicated to its members and their enjoyment and cater to their needs as long as they remain within reasonable measures so that everyone can enjoy themselves during their time at Infinite Vitality. The IV staff is always looking to improve and in need of your feedback, whether you are just visiting or become a member, and the head admin is always looking for dedicated people to join the staff team.

IV is set in Nagoya, Japan, far into the future, however it is far from being futuristic due to an epidemic that all but wiped out the viable population of the country and the world several millennial ago. It was for this reason that the Greater Entity decided to reincarnate those who had lost their lives or at least had been alive during and before the epidemic had spread throughout the world. While they retain their family, appearance and personality as well as the red string of fate which attaches them to their true life partner, they remember nothing. Nor do they retain the powers they had once upon a time, but may excel in something... such as martial arts, sword-play, singing if their powers had even a small element in that in their previous life. However they are all human now and must live as such. This means too, that super villains that had super powers may now only be leaders of something like the yakuza.


Find out at Infinite Vitality

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny



Drop Box
Most Wanted
Everything changes. Nowhere is this more true then in the world of Marvel. For a little more then half a century there have been new characters, new story lines, old characters brought back. Different versions, time lines, and universes open up all kinds of role play possibilities. For some of us, we miss Marvel the way it used to be. Before our favorite characters had their histories retconned by new writers several times. Before characters were killed off, brought back, and killed off again. Before there were more characters and team members then you could possibly name. Back when it was about just a team, dealing with life, hero work, and finding their place in the world. We miss role play the way it used to be. Where you write with other writers, where the plot and play where the important part of the game and not in character AIM sessions. Where you wanted to write a character in situations with other characters, not just write out private journal entries, and interact only through comments on other people's journals. Where it's about the game, not all the accessories.

With a plot that brings the fledgling teams of X Men and Excalibur together, we are looking for members that enjoy writing, and interacting with a group. We are all for non censored mature role play that starts small teams and adds characters as we go to make sure there is plenty of interaction for everyone and no one feels left out! So if you are looking for some old school Marvel role play where everyone is involved in posting and plots, where input is welcomed and the drama is reserved for in game, then come see who we are recruiting for the game. If no one looks good, everyone is welcome to make requests for the next batch of characters to add. GAME BEGINS WITH THE ACCEPTANCE OF 5 HEROES.