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Just a month ago, former mutants who'd received the shot to take their powers away began witnessing a return of their powers. Only these powers were ten times stronger than anything they'd felt before. Some were able to control themselves, but others were not so lucky. Now, with security and safety uncertain, it seems the wall between humans and mutants is rising up again.

Only days ago, and underground anti-mutant cell held its first official meeting. Tired of dealing with the mercurial habits of mutants, they have decided to retaliate against them. In just two weeks' time they will gather men and women from every walk of life, anyone who is willing to go in to Xavier's school with weapons drawn, and take as many mutants with them to hell as they can. Some are even mutants themselves, disgusted with what they may turn back into or have already returned to, and willing to strike a blow that could signify the ends of mutants.

This is a movie!canonverse game to start, but it won't stay that way for long. We’re staring this game off with a literal bang, and it’s only going to get better from there.

Game opens DECEMBER 17.
Most Wanted: Emma Frost, Sean Cassidy, EVERYONE!

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Come join us and have fun at faeworld , a challenge community where you will be split into teams and compete in graphic, fic and puzzle challenges for the chance to prove which side, light or dark, is ultimately better, and you'll get some kick ass works in the process.

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DO YOU LOVE FANFICTION-both the writing and the reading? Do you suffer from writers block, or have wonderful ideas for fanfics that you can't write due to your writers block-or just the inability to produce the story for which you have the idea?

Well now you can finally read those stories you always wanted to-or find that one idea that will become one of the best fanfics out there! Just come on down to FFI-[info] fanfictionideas where you can submit your own ideas about the stories you've had floating around in your mind, or choose from a variety of ideas. Work together with other members, or go solo. Post whatever genre you have in mind, any fandom that interests you, any rating. ITS ALL UP TO YOU!
So come over to FFI and see what you can come up with!