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Anime Unleashed

If you've ever wondered "What would happen if..."
This is the RPG for you!

The continent of Nagoya is filled with civilizations widely varied in technological advancement. Where some characters are still existing in what is known to us as the feudal age, others are already flying space ships. Although trade is often seen among neighboring cities, the population is - for the most part - ignorant of their surroundings. As some begin to expand their horizons, others catch on as well. The continent is becoming filled with new-found curiosity, and for the first time in known history Nagoya may actually become a place of equivalent prosperity, each city learning ways of life from the others; and making new friends by meeting the most unlikely people.

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A Multi-universe Anime-centric RPG.

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Hundreds of years ago, the continent of Nagoya flourished with trade and the residents co-existed peacefully. Stories were passed down through generations by word of mouth, and song, spreading legends of great magnitude across the continent.

the oldest and most familiar of these tales told of great artifacts that made whoever possessed them invincible or immortal. Everyone knew the legend to be the tallest tale on the continent, and no one concerned themselves with finding the artifacts, as they sang the lullabies to their children and lived on oblivious to the truth behind the myth. After all, all legends are begun based on some fact.

500-years-ago, one of the mystical artifacts - The Shikon No Tama, or Jewel Of Four Souls - was supposedly found. The peaceful residents of Nagoya thought nothing of this discovery, as it wasn't the first time someone found a rare item and claimed it held a magnitude of power. Another hundred years passed, and the discovery of the jewel was long forgotten before another artifact was claimed to be found - The Philosopher's Stone. Residents were reluctant to ignore this discovery though, as the story came with some supporting facts. The day that the stone was allegedly found, a whole city and its inhabitants disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.

Tension built, wars were waged and the following century was filled with conflict and death. It was nearly 300 years ago - 297, to be exact - that the war to end all wars was fought, covering the entire continent and lasting 15 years.

Now, nearly 300 years later, all is calm and peaceful again, the cause of the wars for the most part forgotten - and the status of the legendary artifacts have reverted back to myth. Walls have been destroyed, trade has started again and gradually isolation is ending, as civilians are beginning to leave their own small corners of the world - discovering what they've been missing out on, their entire lives.

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To contact the mod - AIM: EdwardXElrc; E-mail: EdwardXElrc@aol.com
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