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post-HBP h/d Harry Potter RPG

Seven Facts about Ready to Fall

1. We are enthusiastic, active, and not intent on dying [although the mod is super busy, she has good time management skills].

2. We are accepting of all characters and all pairings. We will remind you that we are a slash RP. Some like this, some don't.

3. We are a war-based RPG. This means that people will DIE because that's what people DO in wars. Your characters are facing challenges. Your characters cannot be peachy unless they hvae a reason, a good one, built into their personality.

4. We are a character based RPG, meaning your character is not going to do something out-of-character. It's going to follow its personality, whether that is canon or not will yet to be seen. It should be noted that anything about book seven is fandom until written by JKR and published.

5. Harry is looking for horcruxes, but he will be looking for them while at Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione are dating, but they're helping Harry.

6. It does say that the RPG doesn't "begin" until September 1st, but we wanted to start having fun early. You should join now to catch up with the storyline and embrace our wackiness.

7. We are a journal based, 16+ RPG that depends on its players to have good writing skills. New to roleplaying? Come in, we'll show you how. Bit rusty? Come polish up. A pro? Show us some of your stuff.

We need Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan, Stephen Cornfoot, and many more. The entire wanted character list can be found here. Please remember to review the storyline and rules before applying.

All questions may be directed to Lauren at Thank you, and I hope to see you there.

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