November 5th, 2007

RPG Pimpage!

About the Game / Plotline
It's the Fall of 2006 and Students are headed back to school. Recent graduates are beginning their new careers.. Lucius Malfoy is dead, Dumbledore is back and the good guys are celebrating..

The question is.. is it all too good to be real? Dumbledore is acting a little strange, Voldemort is still at large and mysterious and sinister things are still happening...

The entire plotline, up through December, can be found here.

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Questions? You can catch the mods at erised.mods [at] gmail [dot] com.

AU Pirates!

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Reno is an infamous pirate, captain of The Last Unicorn - scourge of the seas! A bit of a laughing stock, and an absolute horror amongst the pirates. His love for treasure often ends up turning dangerous quickly, and is rarely rewarded. Still, he seems to know something the other pirates don't... After all, despite his bumbling attitude and high mortality rate, never once has he been caught by a pirate-hunter... And somehow he always maneges to come back from his trips alive. It almost looks like the whole thing has been planned... Or maybe the flamboyant red-head just has the devils own luck. After all, a man that names his ship The Last Unicorn can't be that smart.... Right?

Reno's just come back from his latest adventure, chasing after another treasure of legend. His entire crew is missing, and his ship is in tatters, but he is still alive and his ship is being fixed. But now he needs a new crew... And anyone willing to join up with the kamikaze pirate has to have some other motive... Unless they're even more crazy then their captain is!

This is a very loose-style game. Reno is currently the main character, but you never know what can happen. This world is what YOU make it! There's a lot of empty land, and a lot of secret treasures to be found. So go out there and have fun with it!

So you think Reno's a bad captain? Try to get rid of him! Want to be a captain of your own crew? Go to it! Want to hunt pirates, not be one? Do so! Want to start your own city, trading company, or just be a freelance anything? Go for it! (Although we do ask that you contact a mod first.) Feel free to back-stab, scheme, sneak, plot and otherwise being despicable! Please, plunder, loot, pillage and pilfer to your hearts content!

Occasionally there will be plot points that the moderators will point attention towards... Usually Reno will be the catalyst for these things, but other people may or may not be used. We do have a continuous story line, but you don't have to follow it. (Although it is HIGHLY encouraged... There's some big rewards for some of these things!)

We accept most Squeenix fandoms, and a few others. There's a list of accepted fandoms in the appropriate link below. If you don't see a fandom that you'd like to play a character from on the list, then please! Ask a mod to have that fandom added, or an exception made for you. We'd love to add more fandoms onto that list!