July 2nd, 2006

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Start Date: June 23 WHEN WE GET A SIRIUS.

Sirius, Peter, and Severus are badly needed!

The Plot

The 1970s. They were the Rolling Stones', Abba's, and Cher's playground. They were the years of the short-lived disco craze, the Hustle, bell bottoms, and platforms, not to mention the debuts of Jaws and Carrie. It was a decade full of life; it was vibrant, a breath of fresh air, an explosion of new concepts and opinions.

In the Muggle World, at least.

But once you left that whirl of electronics and mechanisms behind, the shadows began to lengthen. Up north, nestled among the mountains of Scotland, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry lay dormant. Within, the dull murmur of voices betrayed the changes and preparations for the school year of 1976-1977.

Among them was the formulation of a system.

In a dim, empty classroom on the 5th floor, there lay a pile of journals with embroidered names. Some had already been sent out to their recipients. The rest waited for their assigned students to arrive, silently throbbing with enchantments and the hints of something much vaster than a single journal, magical or not, had ever given off.

They were something meant to bring something that seemed shattered, back together. They were meant to consolidate a seemingly hopeless situation, to form friendships in place of hatred. And most importantly, the success or failure of this endeavor lay in the hands of the students who would soon have the choice whether or not to open their assigned diaries.

Will you?

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