1drabble: Writing Multifandom Community

Hello everyone, I'm here to invite you to our community, 1drabble !

But, what is 1drabble exactly? We are a low-pressure community that presents a writing prompt challenge: write a single drabble, that can range from 50 to 500 words, based on one of our prompts! Sounds simple? It is!

But what must this drabble be about? Well, that's for you to decide! You choose two characters, any two, and write a drabble about them. It has to be about them and their relationship, that's essential, but it doesn't necessarily have to be romantic, it can be friendship, family, sisterly bonds, bromance, etc... the sky is your limit! If you do choose to go with romance, keep in mind that any sort of romance is allowed, be it boyxgirl, boyxboy or girlxgirl, or even those characters that aren't human can be used as well, that's completely up to you... but bashing is not allowed, in any form or shape.

What about fandoms? Which are allowed? Well, let me put it easy for you: any. Simple as that. Anime/Manga, Tv series, Literature, Comics... you name it. Anything is allowed (yes, including RPF) as long as it's tagged properly and you follow the rules, you'll be ok!

We welcome everyone, and we hope to see you around there! One last time, you can find us here: 1drabble.
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Communities needing members

total_icontest - A community about just about anything you can think of and everything inbetween too. There is a new challenge once a fortnight and icon makers of all abilities are welcomed.

food_stillness - A community entirely dedicated to food and drink. There is a new challenge once a fortnight and you make a set of four icons (two sets per challenge) for each challenge with voting being done on sets and individual icons. There is an added twist to the community, apart from the sets, each challenge you are given a special category that will be a part of the voting that you can incorporate into your icons if you wish. Icon makers of all abilities are welcomed.
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We are trying to get the community active again.

Please join lit_library

It is a community where the common theme is a love for books and writing. Members are placed into one of four teams (the Romantics, the Victorians, the Moderns, and the Contemporaries) where they will work with their team members to collect points. Every few months a chapter of the community will close and the team with the highest points will be declared the winner of that chapter.

If you would like to join, please comment at this post: http://lit_admissions.livejournal.com/55381.html