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Simply The Basics
:=:name:=: brandon
:=:nicknames:=: b-duggz, duggan, duggz, mr.duggan, boyfriend, bran
:=:location:=: danvers/salem MA
:=:sign:=: piecies
:=:height:=:5'9 1/2
:=:sexual preference:=: straight
:=:status:=: in love
:=:8 favorite bands/musical artists:=: LP, eminem, Skillet, System of a down, ACDC, LedZeppelin, Black Sabboth, and Aerosmith
:=:5 favorite movies:=: The Matrix, The Return of the King, The Last Samurai, Full Metal Jacket, and Silence of the Lambs
:=:hobbies//interests:=: dnd, Martial arts(more like a lifestyle than a hobby), archery, boating
:=:5 things you like about your personality and appearance:=: im pretty much content with that
:=:6 things you don’t like:=: im pretty much content wiht that

What Do You Feel On
:=:abortion:=: against, unless its to save the womens life
:=:gay marriage:=: for
:=:drug abuse:=: against, because it destroys not only that persons life but it fucks shit up for the people along with that person, also the money supports terrorism and such
:=:standards of beauty:=: chris
:=:war:=: nessecery evil
:=:poverty:=: generaly speeking it is said persons falt but we should still so our best to help that person out

More On You
:=:who do you adore and why:=: well i love chris, then i admire my martial arts teacher
:=:favorite food(s):=: sushi
:=:play any instruments:=: nope
:=:a goal in life:=: prepare for death
:=:most embarrassing moment:=:i dont really get embarrased like that
:=:happiest memory:=: first time i kissed chris

:=:favorite color:=:red
:=:night or day:=:dawn
:=:sweet or sour:=:spicy
:=:coffee or tea:=:green tea with pure raw honey
:=:where did you promote us:=: i didnt