Heather (da_newtanator) wrote in ____ohsolovely,


-Name:  Heather
-Age:   15
-Gender:   Female
-Location:   Michigan
-Hobbies:   reading, talking, sleeping, swimming, writing, shopping, eating, music, tv, cheerleading, dancing, hanging out with people..
-Top 5 Music Artists:   -Death Cab for Cutie  -Brand New  -Queen  -ELO  -Fall Out Boy
-Top 3 Movies:   -The Notebook (so what if it's every other girl in the world's favorite, it's amazing)  -The Breakfast Club  -Steel Magnolias
-Why should we let you in our community?:   I will promote the heckkkkkkk out of you and will definately be active. Plus, the other communties I've been in have just been so BORING, and I really wanted to find one that is half as active as the ones I've tried..
-Show us where you promoted in one person's journal- http://www.livejournal.com/users/lee2642/49104.html?view=60112#t60112
-3 pictures of yourself, no group photos.

Eh. I'm in a fitting room.

The end. Hope you like. :)
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